How to properly paint your fingernails? A few simple rules


A well-groomed and elegant appearance can be given to the handsonly knowing how to properly paint your fingernails. You can, of course, turn to the masters in the salon, but this will require an additional waste of time and money, which can not afford to each representative of the fair sex. Moreover, to create a beautiful manicure is entirely able to any lady own efforts at home. To do this, you just need to stock up on the necessary means: nail polish, fixer and lacquer base. In this case, the last two, by and large, may not be used, although ideally they are mandatory.

how to properly paint your fingernails

We turn directly to the question of howcorrectly to paint fingernails or nails on arms or hand. It is clear that for this you need to put a varnish on them, in this there is nothing complicated - any woman will cope. However, here it is necessary to take into account some fairly simple rules. If you follow them, the question of how to properly paint your fingernails will disappear forever.

For coating, it is best to use a lacquer withmedium density. Very liquid is convenient to apply immediately to the entire length of the nail plate, so they are best used on short nails. Very thick lacquers with a coating form an uneven layer, it is clear that such a manicure is no good. However, it happens that the favorite lacquer becomes thicker with time. How can they paint their fingernails? It's very simple: for dilution, a specially designed liquid is used, the main thing is not to go too far with it to make the consistency appropriate.

to paint fingernails or nails on arms or hand

Another nuance: when applying a varnish on the nails, the hand should lie on the edge of the table or on the pillow. Thus, the palm will hang a little and it will be much more convenient to apply the coating.

Revealing the essence of the question of how correctlyto paint fingernails or nails on arms or hand, it is necessary to mention what to spend a brush it is necessary from the basis of a nail plate to the extremity or end. In this case, do not make sudden movements, the application of lacquer is slow and smooth, the brush should not be torn off from the surface. It is not recommended to touch the cuticle, it needs to retreat a little.

The varnish is best applied in two layers. Thus, the coating is stronger, and the color of the coating is completely opened. When the first layer is applied, it needs to be slightly dried, after 5-10 it is possible to start re-coating. This nuance is the answer to the question of how beautiful to paint nails, because the second layer is always better than the first, the nails look beautiful and well-groomed.

how to beautifully paint nails

To fix the result, you can usefixer, thanks to which the coating lasts a little longer. After the creation of the manicure, you need to check your fingers (there may be traces of varnish on them). To remove them, you need to take a toothpick, wrap it around a little cotton wool, dab into the liquid to remove and remove the errors.

Finally, it should be said that very muchthe moment of the correct choice of the color of the varnish is important. For short nails, discreet pastel colors are more suitable, for long ones - any shades, even black and bright red.

Adhering to the rules described above, at home, you can create a very beautiful manicure.

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