Healthy and beautiful nails - Japanese manicure


Manicure shows how much a woman looks afterfor themselves. If the nails are all right, then there is no doubt that the hair and skin will also be in very good condition. In beauty salons offer to make manicure of various kinds. However, with the modern rhythm of life I would like to have nails not only had a good manicure, but also a healthy nail plate.

One of the last types of manicure, which allows you to take care of the natural beauty and health of the nail plate, is a Japanese manicure. Its main characteristics are the use of:
- serums based on natural ingredients,
- tools made of natural materials.
Preliminary, each visitor passesprocedure of diagnostics, after which he is selected an individual complex of procedures for nail care. Using materials of exclusively natural origin, specialists restore the health of the nail plate, making it smooth and close to perfection. Naturally, for a complete restoration of one procedure is not enough, they must be at least four.

The Japanese manicure assumes carrying outresearch and selection of an individual technique for caring for the cuticle, manicure, conducted with the help of special equipment, as well as dry massage. Consider these tapas more specifically:

1) To diagnose the condition of nailsuse a table, which then selects the method of care. Further, standard disinfection and a water bath are carried out, after that special means are applied for the Japanese manicure (proteins in combination with rice milk). They both nourish and degrease nails.

2) The next step is moistening, for which use the whey prepared on the basis of the cucumber extract. Thus, the nail plate is moistened and soaked with an antioxidant.

3) Japanese manicure involves strengtheningnails with the help of whey, containing a large amount of active calcium, trace elements and small particles of natural pearls. It is with the help of the latter that the nail plate becomes even. The coatings used contain minerals and keratins, which promote growth and do not allow the nails to separate. All known ceramides cover the shortcomings in the structure of the nail, and the ginseng, an extract of which is used in the base and upper layers of the coating, normalizes the hydrolipid balance.

4) The means used for the Japanese manicure, apparently, are prepared on the basis of natural components, the same applies to tools:
- Ceramic files,
- rice and polishing blocks,
- Tachibana sticks (special orange sticks).

Cuticles are removed with the help of Amakawa Blue, a mineral based product, Algagel on seaweed, and Suiren Oyrou, which contains vanilla and lotus oils.

It should be separately noted masura biogel,which is used during the procedure and is a unique tool that allows to strengthen the nail platinum. Calcium and protein, included in its composition, can literally sculpt the C-bend of the nails, creating on their surface a very thin and shiny coating. In the production of the gel, the Anti-Lift formula is used, which ensures the absence of bubbles and prevents the rise of platinum when socked. Masura biogel is a set of polymers that solidify under the action of a UV lamp in just 2 minutes.

To remove the Japanese manicure created on the basis of a biogel simply. For this, only a special liquid is needed.

Thus, the benefit of passing the procedureJapanese manicure is obvious, because as a result, the visitor receives not only beautiful, but also restored nails. And biogel has different shades, among which everyone can find their own. Manicure and pedicure for the health of nails - now it's just using the new development of the great eastern country.

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