Beauty lessons: how to do a manicure at home


Well-groomed nails always look beautiful. Regardless of the time and circumstances, a woman who wants to look like one hundred percent must have a beautiful manicure. It can be done not only in beauty salons with the help of professionals, but also at home. Therefore, if you have found free time, give it to your nails. How to make a manicure at home? The main thing - patience and the desire to be beautiful. So, with a few tips you will learn how to do the manicure at home.

how to do a manicure at home
A few basic principles

Manicure lessons at home are prettysimple and simple. But before you start, you must remember the security measures! Yes, we are talking about your health. Make sure all tools are sharp and clean. Be sure to disinfect with a special device, hot water or alcohol. Also do not forget to take a tampon, which is impregnated with it, since you can get hurt a little, cleaning, for example, the cuticle or removing side rollers. Now you can go to the process itself.

Step one. Old - out!

If you have old nail polish on your nails, then in the firstturn it is necessary to remove it with acetone or other special solution. It is better, of course, to purchase exactly the same product that contains oils and minerals.

what is the hardware manicure
Step two - a file for us to help!

How to make a manicure at homeso that he was beautiful? To do this, it is necessary to make a nail shape. Armed with nail files (sapphire, diamond, glass, etc.), and go! Nails must be dry. In the opposite case, they will begin to break down and separate. Gently, starting from the sides, file them, moving from one corner to the other. A successful and simple choice for beginners is the usual oval or round shape. If you have long nails, the square shape will be ideal, although it is less resistant. You can also experiment with sharp nails, oval, etc. In general, do as your heart desires.

Step three - we treat our marigolds!

After your nails have taken shape,necessarily grease them with a strengthening agent for the cuticle or oil. For example, in olive or grape oil, add a few drops of vitamin A, stir and apply the product to the nails. This will be both strengthening and healing. Next, draw in a special tray of warm water. You can take a chamomile broth or a saline, iodized solution. Dip your nails into a container and hold for a few minutes.

Step four - we clean all unnecessary!

Take your fingers out of the water one by one and blotlightly napkin. How correctly to do manicure at home at this stage? Using a special spatula tool, carefully and smoothly move the cuticle, the side rollers, and then cut them with sharp rounded scissors. You can also use a special fork tool, which is sold in stores. The forked sharp end will quickly cut off all unnecessary.

Do you know what a hardware manicure is? It is intended for those who have weak nails and sensitive skin. It helps to give the nails a well-groomed appearance, without removing the cuticle.

Step five - clean and nourish!

manicure lessons at home

At this stage it is necessary to remove excess skin from under the nail, and also to soften the skin of hands with a special cream. You can also scrape hands and soften them.

Step Six - the final stage

If you need to make up your nails, degrease them with acetone. Carefully apply the lacquer in two layers. Also use a fixer that will save your manicure for a few days! Be always beautiful!

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