Curl hair on large curls: beautiful curls without problems


The limit to perfection, of course, no.That's all the girls and tend to change their hair from time to time. And if some very bold experiments with appearance can lead to unpleasant consequences, then curvy locks go almost everyone. Moreover, you do not need to spend much time to screw your hair. Such procedure, as a wave of hair on large curls, will allow you long to not leave beautiful curls.

perms of hair on large curls


To give hair a volume with the help of curls andDo not be like a lamb, you can make a major perm. If you decide to resort to this procedure, you should first determine the diameter of the curler, as well as the technique of winding them. After all, the smaller their diameter, the smaller the curls become.

If you want to perm hair onlarge curls looked impressive, pick up large curlers or thick boomerangs, which are very convenient to use. It is best to take several curlers of different sizes and wind on them as a trial without a reagent.

It is very important to "dance" not only from the diameterhair curlers, but also on your hair type. For example, if the strands are too thin, then you should not choose the largest curlers. Even if you want to get large curls, you can only achieve the effect of a light wave, because the thinner the hair, the worse they will keep the shape.

Recently it has become quite popularprocedure, like an American hair curl on large curls. Thanks to the special shape and large diameter, the curlers (Olivia Garden) are fastened together, forming an intricate design on the head. This method allows you to avoid possible creases and create beautiful curls. Look, what an excellent result gives a perm! The large curls (the photo clearly demonstrates the tremendous effect of the above procedure) attractively frame the face and make the image more feminine and seductive.

biochemical hair curling large curls

Biochemical perm

However, the chemical wave not only givesform, but also harms the hair. Less budgetary, but at the same time a more benign option is biochemical perm. This method was learned not so long ago: in 1999, the Italian firm Green Light included ingredients for curling ingredients that do not harm either the hair or the scalp. Moreover, after such a procedure, the structure of the hair improves, and each strand literally fills with strength and brilliance. This wave is mainly done in the salons, but it is quite possible to do it in the home.

Unpainted hair will be very effectivelook a three-dimensional biochemical hair wave. Large curls, unfortunately, require stacking with the help of various fixing agents (foam, gel), since they will begin to straighten much faster than smaller curls. Also, the stylists advise women with large facial features to make a curl on large strands. Smaller curls more suitable for short haircuts.

Biochemical hair perming on large curls -A great option for brown-haired, fair-haired beauties and blondes. Possessors of black or red hair can wear curls of any size. By the way, it is not necessary that all the curls are curled in the same way: you can use hair curlers or boomerangs of different sizes, so you will achieve the effect of natural hair that has not been laid.

perm large coats photo

Any woman with curls looks more expressive and elegant. If nature did not reward you with curly hair, do not despair. Curl will turn the most straight hair into playful curls.

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