Men's toilet water "Oriflame": description, aromas and reviews


Because all men are incredibly sensitive tosmells, then the choice of perfume for them is quite a challenge. Therefore, many guys do not change the liked ambre, if not for decades, then for years. Men's toilet water "Oriflame" - this is one of those flavors that are preferred by many representatives of the male. Working on the market since 1967, the Swedish brand thoroughly learned the preferences and wishes of its customers and presented them with not one dozen different fragrant liquids. Some of them just blew up the perfume world and enjoyed success among men for many years.

men's toilet water oriflame

Eau de toilette for real heroes

Men's toilet water "Oriflame" Espionage isThe fragrance developed by perfumer Fabrice Pellegren. The medium is inspired by the tart chords of the aged whiskey. Mr. Pellegren combined amber, fruit and sea motifs in one bottle, thus creating an ambre that is able to express the charm, elegance and strength of the character of a modern guy. The bottle "Espionage" is made of heavy glass. It is wound with a smooth cap made of metal. The bottle resembles the broad shoulders of a macho and personifies courage. Together with this, she emphasizes the masculinity of her owner.

Men's toilet water ("Oriflame") "Espionage"is represented by Yegor Beroev, a popular Russian artist who epitomizes the superheroes and the most brave characters on the stage and in the cinema. Every girl dreams of becoming a lady of the heart of a real hero. But the times of the knights, clad in metal armor, are long behind. Today, the limit of women's dreams is a stylish, confident and successful super-agent. He is always ahead one step and keeps the situation under control through the insight of his mind. Such a person is the personification of courage, strength and steadfastness of character. And it is for such men that the water of Espionage is created.


A fragrance for bold men, loving speed

Toilet water produced by Oriflamethe male "Infiniti Rush" is a perfume that reveals the essence of true determination. It is meant for a real macho who likes to stay ahead of time and live at full power. The ultimate goal of such a man is a continuous advance. The best companions of this guy are the endless highway, the fast engine and the gusty wind. And it is this type of men that fit the perfume Infinite Rush.

This tool is also created by Fabrice Pellegren.He developed this composition for modern men, courageous and independent, confident and determined. Such a guy is not indifferent to fast vehicles, and his motorcycle is always ready at full speed to smack him to the far edges. You can always rely on him, he is courageous and will help all the surrounding people who ask about it.

Perfume for those who subtly feel the style

Men's toilet water "Oriflame" Dolce Vitawill allow men to taste the "sweet life" to taste and look at the world in a new way. A leisurely but simultaneously refined and intriguing motif "Dolce Vita" is wonderfully revealed by the classical Italian combination of perfume chords supplemented with a rare component. The unique sound of this ambre provides opopanax - the natural resin of a tree that grows in the Middle East and Africa. The natural freshness of geraniums and violet green leaves is mixed with dazzling citrus sprays. Such a cooling chord stands out against the background of a light and warm plume. The atmosphere of exquisite chic and pleasure is spread by rich wood and amber chords.

Toilet water produced by OriflameThe male Dolce Vita is enclosed in a vial of cubic shape with one cut rib. The glass bottle is painted in a deep blue-green tint, which symbolizes the resort's atmosphere in the Mediterranean and the dedication to the traditions of classical architecture.

toilet water oriflame men's reviews

Classic and modern perfume

Men who love classics and modernity,choose the perfume Eclat. Men's toilet water "Eclat" ("Oriflame") with its initial notes exudes tart geranium, fresh lemon, bergamot and burning coriander. In the heart of the composition there are beans thin, warm cedar aroma and jasmine. And in the finale, chords of sandalwood, amber, suede and musk are clearly audible.

Eclat exudes a noble and fresh ambre. It is created for guys who are keenly aware of the present. This inimitable toilet water is meant for guys who know how to appreciate success and live with free luster and chic. Such a man is ideal, he thinks about his style for a long time and always and everywhere chooses classics. The connection of the fragrant liquid with modernity is emphasized by an updated package and bottle.

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For those who love adventure

Glacier is a man's toilet water "Oriflame"(photo next), which is designed for men who do not represent life without adventures. It is a sparkling and tasty composition of rosemary and lavender with a mild taste of green fruits and mint. Spirits will give freshness, from which it will no longer be possible to refuse. Glacier in translation into Russian means "glacier". The invigorating and fresh ambre begins to sound with the upper chords of rosemary, lavender and wormwood. In the middle of the bouquet, you can distinguish between floral-spicy tones, which smoothly flow into the base notes, woven from amber and cedar.

The invigorating toilet water will win the hearts of the free-spirited and active men. A guy who chooses "The Glacier", admires eternal values, he is impulsive, sensual and energetic.

oriflame toilet water male infinity rush

"Oriflame" - perfumery, which everyone likes

Eau de toilette "Oriflame" reviewsmagnificent. All the guys in one voice say that these are the products that everyone likes at once. Such flavors do not bother. And if any one smell begins to get a little bored, then it can be replaced with another. Especially because a series of men's perfumes Oriflame it allows.

Many users say about the persistence of each of the smells. They remain on the skin for a whole day and leave behind a beautiful train.

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