Hairstyle bunches - versatile and stylish


A bunch - a hairdress today is perhaps the mostpopular with young people. This laying has many options, from everyday solutions to cocktail. Perfectly smooth beam or deliberately sloppy with beating strands - in any performance the hairstyle is incredibly romantic.


This hairstyle was fashionable in the 60's. Then any self-respecting beauty could, with her eyes closed, create a bunch. Such ideal evening hairstyles are mostly done in hairdressing salons. However, everyday styling in this style is quite possible to create and independently at home.

wedding hairstyle bun
Hairstyle - a versatile stylish solutionfor any case of life. It organically looks absolutely everywhere, at any time of the day, with any outfit, including sports and evening wear. The most powerful argument in its favor is ease of execution and the ability to create in minutes at home.

The hairstyle is quite simple. The optimal length of hair - to the shoulder blades or below. For its execution you will need a hairbrush, two elastic bands, hairpins, a "bagel" (a ring made of foam or artificial hair), a hair spray, accessories for decoration.

Comb your hair and tilt your head down toit was easier to collect them. Tie a tight, ponytail on the top of the head with a rubber band. If you want the hairstyle not to look too sleek, use a comb with a thin handle to slightly pull the strands out from under the elastic to create a light puff and volume.

bunch of hair
Then a donut is put on the tip of the tail,over which the hair is distributed. It turns out a kind of "fountain", which you need to smoothly smooth the comb so that your hair is smooth. Over the distributed hair is put on one more elastic band. From the free tips formed flagella, which need to wrap around the resulting beam and fix the hairpins. If the hair is long, then instead of the bundles one can weave a braid around the bundle, adding new strands to it in the course of weaving. Above the beam, you can put on decorative gum, pin a flower or complement your hair with decorative hairpins.

You can use a special rubber"Bagel" (it can be replaced by an ordinary sock). It is best that he was under the color of the hair. Turn the sock inside out and start wrapping it around its own gum (the width of the finished roller should be about 5 cm). When you reach the toe, it will need to be cut off gently. On the improvised "bagel" will need to wind hair.

Hairstyle can be not only high. If you arrange the tail low, you get an evening version. Typically, this hairstyle is chosen by the owner of short hair, because in this case, the high option is very difficult. A low beam looks spectacular with hair ornaments or accessories. If you have very long hair, then a twister is more suitable for forming a beam than a "donut" or an elastic band.

The wedding hairstyle is usually trusted by professionals and created in salons. This laying is very beautiful and practical, it does not have to be corrected during the day.

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