The most fashionable baby haircuts for boys


When the baby attracts everyone's attention andevokes pleasant emotions and praise of others - it is always pleasant. Therefore, every mother wants to see her son well-groomed, neat and stylish. To achieve this, you need to monitor the purity of the little son and his clothes, as well as for the timely haircut and its renewal. Of course, in the first years, the child's haircut is performed at home by parents themselves, because children are not able to adequately perceive cutting in a hairdresser by a stranger.

Fashionable baby haircuts for boys
Fashionable baby haircuts for boys are quite diverse. You can make a very short hairstyle, and you can leave elongated strands. For clarity, consider some of them.


The most popular haircut is "hedgehog", becausethat it is very practical, and easy to take care of. Mom or Dad just need to constantly update it so that you can not see overgrown hair over time. It should also be noted that with a non-ideal head, this haircut will only emphasize this. It is very important that such a hairstyle does not cause discomfort to the child in the summer and does not interfere with active games.


You can choose as a haircut for boysthe "bean" model. It is suitable not only for children, but also for girls. When moms do not want to cut the hair of their child, or the hairdo needs volume, the haircut "bob" is perfect for your baby.

Haircut for boy

"Platform" - haircut for the boy

This model is more suitable for older childrenage with thick hair. This haircut is suitable for all forms of face, except for round, and it is contraindicated for babies with short neck. In the area of ​​the crown, a level platform is cut, in the zone of the temples and the neck, the hair is cut very short.


This haircut is perfect for boys anyage. It is a combination of different lengths, since at the back and sides of the hair the hair is cut short, and in the parietal region - a certain length is left. Neck and whiskey are cut off by a typewriter.


This version of the cutting for boys is done using a machine with a nozzle. All parts of the head are cut very short. If you leave a bang, the haircut will look very original and stylish.

Modeling haircuts

Haircuts for boys
Now model haircuts are very popular forboys, and there are so many ways to accomplish them. Of these, you can choose the most ordinary or, conversely, the most extraordinary and unique. But most parents prefer classic haircuts with bangs and without, because such unusual hairdresses as "dreads" or "mohawk" can lead to unexpected reaction of others.

Performing the usual classical, but at the same timea stylish haircut can change the length of a bang if desired, leave elongated strands in different areas of the scalp on the head. This version of the haircut for teenage boys is an ideal option, and if you show a little imagination and spend time laying, your hair will look very impressive and fashionable.

Bags for boys

This option is suitable for sufficiently longhair, both smooth and curly. You can make a straight or oblique parting, graded or double quads. But always take into account the shape of the head, face and length of the neck, so that the haircut looked harmonious.

Successful experiments!

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