How to reduce the nose with makeup? Tips and Tricks


Owning the art of make-up, you can avoidplastic surgery, and from the simplest appearance make an incredibly bright image. Of course, it's difficult to learn everything at once, but you can pay attention to special problems, concentrate on studying ways to deal with them.

How to reduce the nose with makeup
Often, representatives of the beautiful halfHumanity is trying to correct the shortcomings of its appearance through surgical intervention. Let's try to figure out how to reduce the nose with makeup.

First of all, it is necessary to decide on whichpart of the face is worth emphasizing, thereby diverting attention from the problem area. An excellent solution to this problem will be brightly colored lips, for this it is sufficient to use the juicy tones of lipstick or shine.

To reduce the nose with make-up, you needcorrectly apply the substrate. Use a shade, a bit darker than the natural color of the skin. A long nose can be made visually shorter by applying a dark base on its wings. If the problem is too wide a spout, then the base should be used for the zone under the nostrils.

Those who seek an answer to the question of howto reduce the nose with the help of make-up, make-up artists recommend experimenting with blush - this is another way to get your attention off the nose. If you can brag of beautiful cheekbones, highlight them. It is necessary to use gentle colors, which, moreover, will allow the eyes to sparkle and attract attention to themselves.

Reduce nose without surgery
Do not forget about the eyes that are necessaryselect using dark pencils and eyeliner. You can use false eyelashes, which will make the look deeper and even somewhat dramatic.

If you think that the problem is enoughserious, then you just need to give make-up more time, with particular care to approach the correct application of cosmetics and putting emphasis in your image. Visually reduce the nose without surgery is quite realistic, you just need to know some of the makeup tricks that professionals use.

Slanted nose

Most often this problem occurs in men who, it must be said, do not focus too much on this, but if a woman experiences this phenomenon, then experiences can not be avoided.

If the nose is shifted to the left, its left centralpart should be applied a light tonal basis, and on the right side - a darker base. All this needs to be gently shaded with your fingers, so that clear boundaries are not visible. To apply the rest of the makeup, you can use the usual tones, but in the end you will see a result that you will like.

Round nose

Reduce the nose with makeup
Many girls are thinking about how to reducenose with makeup, especially if it takes almost half of the face. In fact, it's easy. It is worth to buy a quality corrector (a few tones darker than your own skin color) and apply it to the wings of the nose. On the side, it is also worthwhile to draw a vertical line with a corrector, this will almost double the wide nose.

Aquiline nose

On the hump itself, a smallthe amount of dark foundation and shade well. Do not lighten the sides and do not use powder when applying further makeup, otherwise you risk the opposite effect, highlighting the hump even more.

If you continue to ask yourself the question,how to reduce the nose with makeup, go to the beauty salon and ask an experienced make-up artist to work with you, give advice on the correct application of cosmetics.

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