How is the Greek hairstyle made for short hair with a bandage?


You are short haircut and proud of your stylishway. However, in time, you notice that you increasingly want to look somehow in a new way. A Greek hairstyle for short hair with a bandage will help you solve this problem. In this article, we will consider options for such a hairstyle for a variety of hair types.

How to make a Greek hairstyle?

Photos of models whose hair is very short,vividly demonstrate that simple manipulations, as well as modern means for styling hair and styling, can make a miracle. Choose a suitable bandage for your image in the Greek style. You can do it yourself. Interesting jewelry in the form of rhinestones, brooches, pearls, feathers and flowers, attached to a piece of elastic band, will make the hair simply irresistible. And here are the hairstyle options in which all this can be used.

Greek hairstyle for short hair with a bandage

Greek hairstyle for short hair with a bandagein the simplest version involves the following actions: the laying of hair moistened with special modeling means with the help of a hair dryer and comb-brashing. Then over the head neatly put on an elastic Greek bandage, and the entire hairstyle is fixed with a varnish.

Another Greek hairstyle for short hair withthe bandage is done according to a similar pattern, but the hair from the forehead is combed upward and fixed with lacquer. To make the hair look more voluminous, you should scratch your hair a little on the crown and crown. Do not forget to fix the finished hairdo.

Another option - a Greek hairstyle for shortHair with a bandage called "Lyrical mess". To create such a creative image, it is necessary, with the help of modeling means of strong fixation, to create on the hair the effect of disheveled hair and then to put on a bandage.

how to make a Greek hairstyle photo

A romantic bandage made of artificialHair, braided in a braid, will decorate any haircut. Not only a short haircut for a boy, but a shortened square will look good with such an elastic bandage. To properly wear it, you need to carefully release the hair on the occipital area on top of the bandage. Artificial strands should be chosen in tone to their own hair.

beautiful greek hairstyles

Screw a braid from your own hair - youwill get an original Greek hairstyle for short hair. With or without a bandage, it is important to achieve a characteristic Greek silhouette in the hairstyle: slight carelessness of the strands in combination with the volume on the crown and the back of the head.

beautiful greek hairstyles

How to properly make a haircut, so that you get beautiful Greek hairstyles?

In order not to injure hair, you need to do this operation carefully and competently. Tips for those who are combing short hair:

  1. Hair is dried and clean.
  2. Separate small strands (about 3 cm) for naches - this is the optimal size for a short length of hair.
  3. The process of combing should be done on a strand that is held vertically.
  4. The movements of the comb during the fleece should resemble circular ones. This means that the strand that is stranded is tilted slightly forward under the influence of the comb.
  5. It is not recommended to go to bed with a fleece and fix it with lacquer every day.
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