Perfume "Little black dress" - five variants of femininity


In 2009, Perfume House Guerlain presented the world with his new creation Dolphins Jelk - perfume "Little Black Dress".

Classics of the genre

His idea of ​​the creation of the great Coco "nose"at home Guerlain embodied in a fruity-oriental thematic, dressing him in her classic oriental bottle. This reading of the classics caused an ambiguous reaction. Why? The answer is simple: notes.

perfume small black dress

If you recall the Chanel preferences in smells, thenit is understandable why the spirits of "Little Black Dress" sparked controversy. A fan of fresh semi-natural aromas Coco would hardly allow the use in the upper notes of a combination of anise, Sicilian lemon and almonds. Although some of the freshness was still added by Delphine Jelk, perfumery critics unambiguously hear cherry notes.

Be that as it may, the heart of the fragrance isa classic fruity-eastern combination: raspberry is shaded with echoes of roses, almond biscuits and licorice. The incoming train is equally sweet: notes of vanilla intertwine with black tea, musk and patchouli.

The first perfume "Little Black Dress" was called"Light" version of popular in the 90's fragrances from Terry Magler ("Angel" and its sequel). Perhaps this is so, but still this perfume from Gerlen has one important feature: the fruity aroma in it predominates, but no one will say that the composition is a fragile "compote". Which prompted the new "nose" of the perfume house, Thierry Vasser, to create a continuation of the story.

Aromas from Vasser

Thierry Wasser took another look at the controversial spiritsGuerlain. "Little Black Dress" version 2011 plays absolutely different notes. In the first approximation, a combination of lemon, bergamot and galbanum is heard. Of the original composition, there was only a sour lemon, reinforced with two citrus components. The heart remained the same sweet, but its composition was completely changed. Notes of marshmallows are gently mixed with iris and orange blossoms. The train remained oriental, beautiful: the skin and musk give the fragrance a passion.

gerlen perfume small black dress

Such a composition was adopted by critics with more favor, than the new designer used, presenting three more variations on the topic of a limited edition.

In 2012, a new fragrance comes from Guerlain.The perfume "The little black dress" (now toilet) again changes its sound. This time Thierry Vassan decided to give his creation the Parisian chic and frivolity of his youth. The top notes are built on an elegant combination of fruit and citrus notes: cherry and currant are combined with bergamot and almonds. The heart of the composition is a combination of flower-oriental sounds: the roses of Bulgaria and Turkey are shaded with black tea and liquorice. In the train Vassan laid his favorite notes at Gerlen's house: beans thin, iris, patchouli, anise and vanilla form a charming sweet cocktail. This fragrance is intended for a beautiful Parisian, changeable and elusive, like a spring breeze.

perfume gerlen small black dress

In October of the same year, Vassan again presentsperfume "A little black dress", but this time in the concentration of toilet water. They differ significantly in their composition from the toilet perfume. The top notes are composed only of floral sounds: green tones are gently intertwined with jasmine and rose. In the hair - that's how it is recommended to wear this perfume - it opens with a fruit cocktail made of apple, cherry and orange. The train is composed of notes of white musk, white amber and patchouli.

Close the line of "Black Dress" perfume created byfor women. This is a more mature flavor. The top notes remain the same as in the perfumed water, and the heart is complicated by a mixture of violets and roses flavored with cherries. The base notes remain unchanged.

The line of "Little Black Dress", created by Jelk and perfected by Vassan, will satisfy the tastes of any lady who prefers the sweetness of the fruit-oriental aromas.

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