Mascara effect of false eyelashes "Avon": reviews and description


The dream of all the girls is to look irresistible. And in this they are helped by cosmetics. Particular attention should be paid to the eyes. Men will appreciate the long lush cilia. To achieve the effect of false eyelashes, consider a new mascara "Effect of false eyelashes" Avon ", reviews and its description.

Briefly about Avon

mascara effect false eyelashes eivon reviews
The company Avon was founded in 1886. The founder was David McConnell. At first he was engaged only in the production of spirits. And it all began with the fact that when selling books, mostly female novels, he began to put small perfume bottles inside. And after a while, it became clear to McConnell that women are more interested in liners of spirits than books themselves. That's why he founded a perfume firm.

To date, Avon is a well-knowna cosmetic company that besides spirits produces other cosmetic products: shampoos, decorative cosmetics, body care products, etc. Avon is now so expanded that it also produces various cosmetic accessories, household products: dishes, watches, jewelry and even goods for children. One of the products is mascara (volume, the effect of false eyelashes), "Avon", reviews of which have left many women.

Highlights Avon

mascara volume effect false eyelashes eivon reviews

For many years, Avon has made women beautiful and happy. And she does it thanks to the following principles:

  1. Providing women with the highest quality cosmetics to preserve and emphasize their beauty.
  2. Providing women with the opportunity to take care ofthe closest people - children. Avon produces products for the care of children: bath foam, shampoos, soap and much more. And all this has an excellent quality and reasonable price.
  3. Avon is engaged in charity and takesParticipation in the fight against cancer, organizing every year a show and mass marches around the world. The company collected more than 20 million rubles for the purchase of equipment for the treatment of breast cancer.

It should also be noted that the company Avon is an excellent employer who understands all the problems and requirements of women with understanding.

Description of the new product: mascara "Effect of false eyelashes" ("Avon"). Reviews of this product

Some women are naturally rewarded with magnificent andbeautiful eyelashes, and some are not so lucky. But both these and other women, without exception, tend to emphasize and highlight their eyes and eyes. In this they will help the new mascara "Volume, the effect of false eyelashes" Avon. "Reviews about this product are diverse.

mascara-eyon effect of false eyelashes

Very often in front of women when choosing mascarathe question is: volume or length? But in fact so it would be desirable to receive all and at once! By purchasing mascara "Avon" (the effect of false eyelashes), you do not need to choose. The eyes and eyelashes of every woman deserve more. The brush of the new carcass has the form of almonds, which makes it very easy to paint each eyelash without excess lumps. Also it will not be difficult to carefully process the corners of the eyes and lower cilia.

The composition of the carcass contains manyMicroscopic fibers, which have a variety of shape and volume. Thanks to these fibers, you can give each cilium a special shape and volume, using a new mascara "Avon" (effect of false eyelashes). Photo of cilia after using carcasses are located below. Your eyelashes will shine with beauty and health, and they simply will not be able to tear off your eyes. After all, you expect exactly this effect.

Positive feedback on Avon carcasses (effect of false eyelashes)

Many women interviewed leave onlypositive feedback about the new carcass from "Avon". Mark a large comfortable brush, which is very convenient to paint all the cilia, without gluing them. Also on it there is no lump. As for the texture of the carcass, women like that it is not liquid, for a long time keeps on eyelashes, does not crumble, does not spread out in the rain. If we talk about the promised effect of false eyelashes, it is fully achieved. Women say that their cilia really become much longer, bigger - they simply can not be distinguished from the waybills.

Another advantage of the carcass is itsthe cost. The price of Avon's clients is very pleased. In general, all women were satisfied with the mascara "Avon's false eyelashes effect." The reviews on her are mostly positive, the cilia are really noticeably transformed and look amazing.Many men also noticed that their girls were very much changed and looked much more attractive after using this cosmetic facilities.

reviews about mascara eivon effect false eyelashes

Negative responses about carcasses from the company Avon

Despite all the advantages of this carcass from"Avon", some women note the shortcomings of this product. Some girls say that when staining the eyelashes, the first layer of carcass is not noticeable on them. The effect is achieved at least after the second layer. A few more women claim that the carcass has a thick bottle that is not very comfortable to hold in your hand. Some girls note such a drawback as the difficulty of removing mascara. It is not removed by micellar water, it leaves black circles under the eyes.

That's basically all the shortcomings of the new carcass from Avon. But in comparison with all the positive qualities of this cosmetic product, these shortcomings are not so significant.

mascara eyvon effect false eyelashes photo


Having studied and examined the new ink from the company Avon,we can say that in general this is a very good cosmetic. Almost all women who used mascara "Avon's false eyelashes effect", the reviews left positive, of course, there are no ideal products, each has some drawbacks, but in this case, the positive features completely compensate them and overlap .If you need to emphasize your eyelashes, do look expressive, then do not hesitate to use this ink and surprise the surrounding beauty of its voluminous and lush eyelashes!

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