White Tattoo


Traditional tattoos are not to everyone's liking because of the very specific color. However, in principle, many people like tattoo. At the same time, everyone wants to be beautiful, fashionable and do not look defiant.

Habitual tattoos are not black, but bluecolor, because the pigment injected under the skin is covered with a protective capsule that does not let the ultraviolet pass through. Most girls do not like this shade. Therefore, the following solution is an excellent alternative for them.

White tattoos - the choice of those who are against the traditionalbright tattoos. Drawing with exclusive ink helps to achieve an amazing effect, in which the image is very refined and does not allow a single gram of vulgarity. Today, to meet such an option tattoo can still be quite rare, but more and more people have already estimated how bright and attracting attention this decoration can become.

Hollywood celebrities have long triedon themselves white ink, with the help of which they created on their own bodies very original ornaments. Among the first who dared to experiment were Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan.

White tattoo requires a particularly trembling in every sense of the relationship. This applies to the very procedure of creating a tattoo, and the subsequent care for it.

You need to know that the white tutu is healing longerconventional, because with this option, the ink is injected deeper under the skin. In this case, the color of the tattoo disappears quite quickly, is afraid of the sun and requires constant attention.

On how the tattoo will look, in the firstturn affects the skin tone. Most organically they look at a darker from nature (or tanned) skin. It is better to first consult a specialist in the salon for advice. Find out his opinion on how well the chosen version of the tattoo will look on your skin, discuss the design of the image, only then make a choice.

If you decide to paint with white ink,think about a place for him. Since they are not as noticeable as traditional, they are usually performed in open areas of the body. It can be the neck, collarbone, wrist, chest, shoulder or ankle. The bravest do the tattoo even on the face. Decide on the application of white tattoos should be considered carefully, because the result will remain on your skin forever. The image will periodically need to be updated, refreshing the contours and correcting the hue.

As a drawing for the application you need to chooseimages with very clear outlines. Particularly advantageous looks white tattoos in the form of ornament, flower patterns, lace inscriptions, decorative crosses. The technology of application is no different from traditional. Only the pigment introduced under the skin is white.

White paint for tattoo by color is significantlylighter skin. Over time, it begins to acquire a yellowish or beige hue, because subcutaneous natural color gradually manifests itself in the tattoo itself, leading to its darkening. In addition, you need to consider that the color of the tattoo will affect the very color of your skin. The more dark it is, the more white the tattoo will be. It is necessary to understand that the "white tattoo" is rather conventionally called so, because it is impossible to get a really white color of the tattoo. Immediately after applying the tattoo has the most clear contours and light color, but you need to be prepared for the fact that over time these properties will gradually begin to lose their original ideality.

If you doubt how good it will belook like a white tattoo, you can combine it with a color. One of the compromise and, by the way, very effective and expressive options is a black and white tattoo. In this form, the image is most clear. White creates volume, black becomes brighter and more contrast.

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