What is the difference between gel and gel-varnish?


There are many ways to decorate your image. Manicure is one of the most ancient possibilities. With the help of what just do not do it now! Moreover, even if by nature you do not have beautiful and strong nails, you can build them up. Than? Gel, acrylic, biogel - all at your disposal. Have you heard about gel-lacquer? A reasonable question arises as to what the gel differs from gel-varnish.

than the gel differs from gel varnish

First, these two materials are fundamentallydifferent task. Gel serves as a building material for nail extensions. Gel-lacquer is needed to create a long-term manicure, and nothing more. Secondly, the gel applied to the natural nail strengthens it. Gel-lacquer gives color, but does not heal and does not strengthen the nail.

What is the difference between gel and gel-lacquer yet? The fact that they have a completely different structure. Despite the fact that these materials are frozen in the same way - in the rays of the ultraviolet lamp. Common in technology - and there, and there is used a base and fixer. The only difference is that the base under the gel-lacquer is needed to protect the natural plate from the color that it can absorb. The fixer (it's finish-gel) is needed to protect the nails and manicure from chips and scratches, to give shine.

What is the difference between gel and gel-lacquer in principle? By the method of application. Gel-varnish is applied in the same way as the usual nail polish - a brush from the bottle. Material for the extension is applied with a special brush. In this case, if a jacket is meant, then several brushes are used.

the best gel varnish

What is the best gel-lacquer? Among all the existing there is a special quality and durability material of American company CND - shellac. He appeared one of the first. At the moment it is the most resistant and easy to apply, it has excellent properties. The line represents more than forty colors, for every taste and for any situation. The competitor is gel-lacquer "Gelish". In his lineup there are even more colors, the quality of the remedy is also very, very high. It has not too much wear resistance. "Shilak" - gel-varnish, which has won hearts around the world in that it gives a persistent and beautiful manicure, which lasts up to two weeks. A pedicure can last a month.

What is the difference between gel and gel-lacquer yet?The fact that before the coating the last one's own nails do not require a strong treatment, specifically - the sawing of the natural surface of the nail. This is an indisputable plus, because it does not harm the plate at all.

shellac gel varnish

Gel also requires careful preparationnatural nail. If the master comes across with not too high qualification, then it can seriously damage the nails. In addition, another difference is the method of material removal. The gel can only be cut. No means will help to make it soft. Gel-lacquer is removed with a special liquid, which is in any cosmetic store. It does not require cutting! So, nothing traumatizes the native nails.

It can not be said that making a choice between twofundamentally different materials is difficult. It all depends on what specific goal you are pursuing. If this is a long-term manicure, then gel-lacquer will help you. If your own nails are very, very short, but you want longer, the gel is always at your service!

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