hair perm large curls - a good solution for straight hair


Most women who have straight hair dream of curly long hair. One way to make them curly - a perm of hair large curls.

For women, there is now a wide range of perm procedures.

Wave of silk hair. To do this, use bobbins or curlers. Hair curls become elastic after waving, they look healthy, they can easily be put in a hairdo. This perm is suitable for medium length hair.

Vertical. It is also called a wet wave. The position of the bobbins is used vertically, and rollers are also used.

Elastic curl. Suits long hair.

American. Thanks to the fastening of the hair curlers, the hair does not break. The curls look natural, they are very large in volume. It is best to do a perm for long hair.

In some cases, a perm haircutdo not recommend: when a woman is pregnant, breastfeeding, under high pressure, diet, fasting, with menstruation, after a serious illness, at high temperature, during the use of drugs, after stress, when the hair is painted with henna or basma.

Perm hair large curls, as they should be properly looked after?

Do not comb your hair on a perm;two or four days the hair can not be washed, do not use the thermal hair, hair dryer, etc .; do not use electric winches; brush not to comb, it is better to comb with sparse teeth and comb; Do not overdry the hair, do not stay under the sun for a long time, rinse your hair after bathing; use balms and nourishing shampoos for washing hair.

Radical chemical wave - it is used withto correct the overgrown roots and give an additional root volume. A few centimeters of hair from the roots are wound on the bobbin. Then a chemical solution is wetted with hair, which are wound on the bobbin. And then the hair is curled in the usual way.

In order that it is possible to determine in advancewhat will be the appearance of the hairstyle and what will be the shape of the curl, you can make an unconventional chemical wave. In ordinary water, add 1: 1 beer and moisten a strand of hair or a pinch of citric acid in half a cup of water.

The biochemical mosaic is the most sparing andpopular hair curler. Thanks to this wave, a woman will forget about the burned ends of her hair due to a curd. Thanks to the biocaping of the moss, the woman will have shiny, healthy, strong, curly hair. Chemical components that negatively affect the hair and skin in the composition of the biocompaing are absent. Hair will not lose its natural shine and color after curling. When the procedure of the biochemical process is made, the cystine - protein, which strengthens the structure of the hair, penetrates into the hair.

This procedure can be done on clarified,colored or streaked hair. . After the biocoal the hair returns to its natural color gradually. And when the roots grow back, the border between the overgrown and curled hair is not noticeable. Biochemical is kept for a maximum of six months. It depends on the condition of the hair and the size of the selected curls. The woman in the beauty salon will be offered bobbins of different shapes and diameters - for large curls before the procedure. Hair should not be washed after the procedure for the first two days. In the case when a haircut was made on the hair after a permanent wave, it will be good to use restoring means. They can be recommended in the salon or you can buy them yourself at specialized cosmetics stores.

Variants to make hair wavy or curly a lot, each young lady can pick up for itself the best variant. Perm hair large curls, what about, women dream with straight hair.

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