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Lip gloss is a universal remedy,which allows you to make a natural make-up for every day or create a vivid image for an evening out. The main thing is to choose a good version of shine. It should not be too sticky. It is better if it is a remedy with a pleasant texture and a smell that lifts the mood.

The choice of the most suitable means is complicatedalso the fact that there are a lot of splendours from different companies in the market of decorative cosmetics. Their price categories can also have a wide range. But in this case, the price does not yet indicate the quality of the goods. So you need to choose a beautiful, inexpensive shine that will take care of the delicate skin of the lips and not cause allergic reactions.

Many believe that all of these requirements meet the ultra-glittering lip gloss "Avon", reviews of which speak in favor of choosing this particular product.

Ultra-vivid lip gloss ejvon reviews

How shine is presented in the catalog

Order this product from a famous companyit is possible under the catalog. On its pages, cosmetics from "Avon" is presented in the most attractive features. Because you can choose exactly the shade that will be most relevant for a particular case.

In most catalogs Gloss Gloss Glosstakes a whole page. So you can consider it in all its details. Each of the shades here is as close as possible to the real effect created on the lips, and when ordering the tool, there should be no misunderstanding about the fact that the buyer received a completely different product than expected.

ayvon cosmetics

Each of the sixteen shades can be consideredin all the details. One of them is usually applied to the lips of the model. This photo slightly embellishes the effect of gloss, but it is on this kind can be expected in bright daylight or artificial light. Usually all cosmetics "Avon" and in reality it looks very impressive.

Main characteristics of gloss

This persistent lip gloss is reallylong. But this is not its most characteristic feature. Ultra-glossy lip gloss "Avon", reviews of which highlight the brightness of shades and radiant effect, has a unique composition. It includes jojoba oil, shea butter and other ingredients that make the lips softer. Therefore, there will be no effect on the untouched skin of the lips under the shine, as is often the case with other analogues.

Also, the product has a long-term protective effect. This is facilitated by UV protection, which is achieved through a special composition. In addition, the shine has a soothing and moisturizing effect.

lipgloss gloss

Naturally, a beautiful glow on the lips - thisthe main characteristic of this product. It is achieved through ultrasive particles that provide a visual increase in the volume of the lips and their seductive appearance.

Many people like that this product is not sticky at all, although it is quite resistant.

How shine looks on the lips

The creators of this product made the mainthe emphasis is on its decorative properties, because the ultraviolet lip gloss "Avon" reviews in its majority has about the external effect. Many people say that the lip gloss looks exactly the same as on the photo in the catalog. Lips look moisturized, more voluminous and attract the views of others.

ultra-glossy lip gloss pink highlight

Thanks to the many topical shadesbuyers have the opportunity to choose the option that suits any situation. Despite the pronounced radiant effect, the shine of soft colors can be used in daily make-up. He will not look on his lips too festively, but will only emphasize the natural appeal of the lips.

One of the brightest shades can be chosen as an effective addition to the evening make-up. It can also be a shine of color nyud, which will emphasize the make-up in the style of "Smokey Ice".

Caring effect

Not many lip glosses with suchcharacteristics can boast of even a caring effect. Thanks to components such as shea and jojoba nutrients, even women with sensitive or damaged lips can enjoy shine.

Many people note that the constant use ofThe ultraviolet shine from "Avon" significantly improves the condition of the skin of the lips. The remedy makes them softer, heals cracks and eliminates pain in case the lips were damaged due to the use of poor-quality cosmetics or due to the impact of other negative factors.

persistent lip gloss

The use of this cosmetic productit is recommended in hot and dry weather, since the gloss fulfills the function of the UV filter and additionally moisturizes the lips. It also has a hypoallergenic and soothing effect.

Ultra-glossy lip gloss: Colors

This line of brilliance is presented in 16 shades: from juicy red to transparent. The following will describe all the colors and options for using them:

  • the shade of "Cinnamon" has a rich burgundy-chocolate color and perfectly suits girls with golden and swarthy skin;
  • "Latte" and "Muse" - similar, but less intense shades;
  • "Festive red" is most often used for evening make-up. It has a rich strawberry shade, which is very important, given the current trends;
    lip gloss oriflame
  • ultrasive lip gloss "Pink highlight", "Pink watermelon", "Crystal lily", "Ice Rose", "Light Peach" and "Raspberry Summer" - nuanced shades that perfectly complement natural make-up;
  • lilac shades are represented by shines of "Dazzling Plum", "Shimmering" and "Party";
  • "Mandarin flash" - a delicate shade with orange notes;
  • "Transparent" can be used as a colorless balm.

With what means to combine brilliance

Cosmetics "Avon" is very diverse. Therefore, in the catalog you can find all the tools that will help create a full-fledged image.

For example, many people love ultrasive shineapply over lipstick. To do this, it is better to use a lipstick lipstick from "Avon", it has a suitable texture that will allow the gloss not to be smeared.

As for nail polish, which can be combined with a radiant shine, it is best to choose one of the shades of varnish from "Avon", for example "Gel effect".

Price category

Ultra-shine lip gloss has an attractiveprice in comparison with analogues from other manufacturers. For example, similar in its characteristics lip gloss "Oriflame" ("Energy shine") will cost about 100 rubles more expensive.

In addition, the optimal ratio of price and quality makes the product even more attractive for customers expecting from the shine of a persistent and bright effect.

Ultra-black from "Avon" has a simple packaging that does not increase its price, the main emphasis is on the product and its properties.

Who buys an ultra-shiny lip gloss

lip gloss color

Since the gloss has an attractive price (inaverage to 200-300 rubles RF), even a student can afford it. One can not help but note the variety of shades that are relevant for natural make-up. According to statistics, it is young girls who buy ultrasy shine most often.

Since the glitter on the lips look expensive and spectacular, they are bought for evening make-up and a representative of the older age category. Some shades are suitable for daily business make-up.

Transparent luster or light shadeseven schoolgirls are ordered as a lip balm. After all, the product has a positive effect on the skin of the lips, which is very important for young women.

Ultraviolet lip gloss "Avon": reviews

Judging by the reviews of customers, you can doconclusion that these shines are a universal option for those who want to have a shine in the purse for any life situation. Many are pleased with the fact that the shine lasts for a long time on the lips, and there is no need to update it often.

Gentle skin care of the lips ensures their good condition with frequent use regardless of the intensity of the color of the gloss.

It looks most effective in bright lighting. Because many people buy the product for parties or other noisy events.

In rare cases, an allergy to gloss is noted, inresulting in redness and discomfort. But this is only a consequence of the individual intolerance of the individual components of the composition, but not their low quality.

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