Instructions for use or How to grow nails at home

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Every lady wants her pens to be perfect,and in order for the pens to be beautiful, they need care, and, of course, a manicure. Now, long marigolds are especially popular, but they need to grow for a very long time, but the result is fast. Therefore, there is an easy way - to grow nails alone or in the cabin.

Not every woman due to different circumstancesalways can afford a salon, so this procedure can be done at home, and where to start and how to do it, we will now tell. The main thing is to have enough patience, necessary materials and a desire to learn how to grow nails at home, and then everything will turn out.

There are two types of nail extensions - it builds up with gel and acrylic.
The most popular method is gel build-up. There are both pluses and minuses of this method.


  • natural appearance;
  • antibacterial coating;
  • possibility to decorate (beads, foil).


  • the cost is quite high;
  • repeated build-up with damage to the nail;
  • Microcracks and nail infection are possible.

So, how to grow nails at home? To do this, you need: an ultraviolet lamp, brushes and paints for painting, saws, tips, liquid-disinfector, primer, bander, gel, brushes.

But the question arises, how to properly nail the nails so that they do not fall off on the second day? The procedure of building up occurs in several stages:

1. a manicure is done,
2. The length of the nails is 2-3 mm,
3. The surface is ground,
4. The form for the extension is put on and fixed under the fingernail,
5. The first layer of gel is applied to half of its nail, then to the shape of the desired length,
6. dried under an ultraviolet lamp,
7. The second layer is applied, not reaching the cuticle 1 mm,
8. Drying,
9. The stencil is removed,
10. Gel is taken and applied to the middle of the nail, making a small tubercle,
11. It is dried,
12. The nail file is being finalized,
13. Apply a thin layer of gel,
14. Drying.

After this procedure, do not recommend wetting your hands for half an hour.
However, if this method has a disadvantagedamage to the nail platinum, then how at home do nails grow safely? There is another quick way to buy beautiful nails - this is acrylic building.


  • strength,
  • long service life, 4 months,
  • protection of your own nails.


  • toxicity,
  • smell.

Probably, you ask, how to build nails with acrylic? Easily! - we will answer you. We will need: brushes, nail files, acrylic, degreaser, solvent, liquid for adhesion of nails.

Stages of growth:

1. hands are washed, disinfected,
2. Do a manicure,
3. The length of the nail is removed and polished,
4. Dust is removed from the nails,
5. The nails are cleaned with a special remedy,
6. Drying,
7. The form is fixed and glued,
8. The brush is dipped in the liquid container,
9. well wrung out and dipped in powder, it is important that the resulting ball was dry, otherwise it will not work,
10. wait until the balloon-hedgehog is saturated with liquid and applied to the nail, it should be applied over the entire surface of the nail, but not reaching the cuticle in 1 mm,
11. The desired shape of the nail is created,
12. continues until the end of the work, with the help of powder of different colors and acrylic paints, the desired nails are created,
13. The mold is removed with tweezers,
14. The shape of the nail is polished.

Any artificial nails require correction, it can also be done at home, especially since everything you need is there.

It must be remembered that there are people whonail extension is contraindicated - these are girls suffering from diabetes and intestinal disorders. Now you know how to grow nails at home. But remember that you can not wear artificial nails all the time, your nails need to be given freedom and time to recover.

It is not so easy to build up a little more to care for the nails with the help of various oils, for example, olive oil, and baths.

Remember that beautiful nails are the key to success and self-confidence!

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