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Body painting is very popular today. But not everyone likes to put huge tattoos on your back, neck or leg. Many prefer the simplest tattoos on hand. About them and will be discussed in our article. There is no such place on the hand, where it would be impossible to put a tattoo. They are made on the wrist, palms, fingers, elbows. Small drawings on the hands - it's aesthetically and practically.

simple tattoo on hand

Simple tattoos on the arm for girls

The female body was worshiped by many poets andartists. Trying to be more attractive, girls choose gentle tattoos to emphasize their natural virtues. Stylish, but simple tattoo on a girl's hand increases the self-esteem of any beauty. Female drawings are elegant and small in size. What are the simplest symbols on the hand that can display the female character?

Very often, girls choose characters that speakabout their character traits. Romantic and dreamy people choose small images of fragile fairies, weightless butterflies and dragonflies, flying dandelions, fluttering swallows.

Girls with a rich inner world decoratewrists or elbows with zodiac signs, images of stars and planets. It can be a pretty animal, a branch of a plant. The snake speaks of wisdom, the scorpion - about sexuality, the head of a lynx - about independence. Many prefer cute angels or dragons.

The simplest tattoos are the cat's legs,symbolic rose, heart. Among the girls it became fashionable to put the drawings on the fingers near the nails, which underlines the beauty of the manicure. To attract luck, choose a sign-talisman - horseshoe or a hieroglyph.

Very feminine look on the hand of girlsvarious ornaments, images of flowers. A thin female wrist will decorate the tattoo in the form of a bracelet, a bow, a cross. Some choose an air feather symbolizing lightness and spirituality.

Creative natures, accustomed to freedom, choosesigns of birds. A very simple image is an asterisk, but she talks about changes in the life of the hostess. Recently, white tattoos on the arm were very fashionable, they are very feminine and elegant.

Deep value on the wrist has a crown tattoo. It is a symbol of power and power. This tattoo is chosen by women and men.

simple tattoos for girls on the arm

Simple tattoos on the hands of men

Many men also limit themselves to smalldrawing on the hand. Simple symbols, inscriptions, amulets on a man's hand look very original. A treble clef, an anchor, a cardiogram of the heart, Chinese hieroglyphs is a small part of a wide range of simple tattoos. Quite popular is the sign "yin-yang" on the man's wrist.

Many guys choose a flying comet, a paradestars, a spider on a web. On the fingers of the man put letters and numbers. Sometimes it can be an unusual badge in the form of a mustache. Popular in men are the stars. On the forearm draw flames, patterns, signs of the zodiac. Small images of animals and birds are also in demand. A small predator in the form of a wolf, a tiger or a bear will only emphasize masculinity. Men prefer birds that symbolize freedom. One of them is an eagle.

simple tattoo on hand for men

Twin tattoo

Very often in a trendy salon walk alone: guy with a girlfriend or husband with wife. There is a large number of pairing tattoos for her and him. They look particularly impressive, if they are performed on the same parts of the hand. Couples choose symbolic inscriptions, impersonations of joint hobbies, signs of appearance.

The girl pierces the initial letter of the guy's name, andhe, in turn, is the name of his beloved. This symbolizes their unity. Couples show names of children in their hands. Lovers often choose different hearts and signs of Cupid. Pigeon on the hands is also a symbol of the purity of relations and the seriousness of intentions.

the most simple tattoo on hand

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Both men and women love tattoos onHands in the form of inscriptions. It can be a small phrase, an aphorism or a word with meaning. The inscription on the hand is the life credo of a person, reflecting his aspirations and desires. Most often choose a phrase in Latin, Arabic, English. Sometimes they also use Russian.

There are religious inscriptions bearing spiritualmeaning. To capture an important event in life is decided by a memorable date on the hand. Sometimes people themselves come up with symbols that are important and meaningful only for them. Even a simple drawing on his hand reveals the inner world and points to the character traits of his master.

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