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The image of a modern woman is created not only foraccount of clothing, hair or make-up, an essential part is played by the smell. Since ancient times, ladies rubbed various oils and infusions into the skin to acquire a pleasant fragrance that allows them to attract men.

Perfume Moschino

Over time, the woman's desire to smell pleasantly has not changed. Now the beauty industry offers hundreds of variations of ready perfume compositions.

Perfume Moschino - without a doubt, one of the leaders onmarket, which is indicated by the high popularity of both spirits invented at the very beginning of the company's activities (such as "Moschino", "Cheap and Chic"), and new ones - "Pink Bouquet", "Toujours Glamor".

Spirits, depending on the prevailing flavor, are divided into several groups:

- fruit;

- flower;

- Spicy;

- Fresh.

A significant share in the assortment line is occupied by fruit and flower perfumes Moschino. A distinctive feature is their target audience: young, active, in love with men's lives and men.

Perfume Moschino Glamor

This category includes:

  • "I Love Love" - ​​this fragrance has acquired a significantpopularity since the moment of entering the market, and has been holding positions for almost 9 years. It is the smell of the first date and spring, at first the notes of citrus and red currants predominate, turning into the smell of a lily of the valley and a tea rose, leaving a trail of musk and cedar.
  • Perfume "Moschino Funny" - ideal forday use, emphasize the sensuality and femininity of the possessor. Initially, there is a fragrance of orange and red currant, then focus on jasmine, green tea and peony, base - woody aromas (cedar, amber).
  • "Pink Bouquet" - initial bergamot with pineapple andraspberry, turning into a floral fragrance with a musk-peach trail, attests to dreaminess, it is loved by creative girls, is actual during evening meetings.
  • Perfume "Moschino Glamor" - is applicable both in the afternoon, soand in the evening, creates an atmosphere of pleasant excitement and intriguing seduction around thanks to a tangerine, sea salt mixed with orchid and hibiscus and a cedar and white musk.
  • "Toujours Glamor" - ideal for everyday useuse, it is chosen by daring and simultaneously feminine girls, emphasizes the delicate taste of the owner. The image is created at the expense of the first impression of red currant and cardamom, underlined lily of the valley and jasmine, at the final stage remains the aroma of bitter almonds and musk.

So, the spirits of Moschino will help you choose the perfectaroma, emphasize the features of the image, lifestyle and even the mood of their mistress due to the large assortment and constantly developed new flavors.

Perfume Moschino Funny

A few tips:

  1. First of all, remember the following rule: "Everything is good in moderation!". Do not be too zealous and pour out a whole bottle of perfume. This can play a very different service, by arranging a "gas chamber" around you, you can only spoil the impression.
  2. It is best to apply perfume to the following points: whiskey, the bend of the elbows and knees, the middle of the chest - so the fragrance will envelop the entire body. It is also useful to apply toilet water to clean hair, since they retain the odor for a long time.
  3. Moschino perfumes are in fairly highprice sector, so to save and extend the period of use of a single bottle you can use shower gel, the company developed a product according to each flavor.
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