"Biomechanics of tattoos" - the most complicated of the directions of the artistic tattoo of our time


Futurist writers often describe cyborgs,biomechanical creatures. Fantasy tells about people of the future, in which some parts of the body are replaced by mechanical ones. These are not people, but cyborgs. Maybe this will someday become a reality. In modern medicine implants, ultramodern artificial limbs, mechanical joints have long been used. These prospects are reflected in the creative and very original tattoos in the style of biomechanics.

biomechanics of tattoo

The combination of living and mechanical excites mindstroubled youth. This style is popular in painting, and in music. Today we will talk about a style that is called "biomechanics." Tattoos use it quite often. This is a very complex area of ​​modern artistic body-modeling. The standard of this unusual direction is Giger.

Biomechanics ... Tattoos in this style knows no bounds in application. Such an original figurine can be applied on the arm, stomach, head, in general, on all parts of the body.

What is the biomechanics style based on? Which titles can you use? First of all, it is a philosophy of personality. Biomechanics in the tattoo shows that the person is deep inside, what hidden thoughts and desires he is hiding. At first, gray shades were used in this technique, taking dark colors and even black. Where can you see the origins of the style of biomechanics? Tattoo on old photos - that's the answer! True, there they look a bit grim.

Modern biomechanical tattoos make andblue, and light green, and red, and brown, and blue. It depends on the desire of the client and the fantasy of the tattoo artist. Biomechanics in the tattoo of the 21st century absorbed all new technologies - from color to the use of nanomaterials.

Cyber-style is closely intertwined with new technologies. The hidden potential of a person can express a biomechanical tattoo. Subject lines depend on the client's desire. Often these are characters of extraterrestrial civilizations. At one time, the stories of the films "Alien", "Terminator" were popular.

tatau biomechanics on the arm

Tattoos (at least on the arm, at least on the back) are mandatoryshould only perform a professional, experienced master. This style has a characteristic feature - a clear drawing of details. Only a person working in this style for a long time, can qualitatively make a biomechanical tattoo.

Fantasy flight of contemporary body-modeling artistsis boundless. Often tattoo "biomechanics" on the hand conveys scenes of fantastic films. They depict people with woven mechanized parts. Very realistic is the image of the damaged flesh of a man. If you pick up certain colors (besides, if the master is a virtuoso), as a result, it will be difficult to determine the line between the human body and the tattoo. Now the most popular idea in the direction of biomechanics is the tattoo with the motor parts of the mechanism.

Such images look great not only on the hand - such authentic drawings can be used to decorate the entire body. These tattoos are insanely beautiful.

biomechanics tattoo photo

Although not everyone decides to decorate themselvesimages in the style of biomechanics, tattoos of this kind even representatives of the weaker sex are carried on their bodies with pleasure. This sets them apart from the crowd! In general, the tattoo "biomechanics" (photos of which can be easily found) is an ideal option for brave people.

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