How to apply flash-tatto? Let's figure it out!


Decorate yourself with this tattoo will not be decided by everyone. Meanwhile, the original unusual pattern on the body is able to draw attention to its owner.

When the first place is to take care of the conditionskin, and you want to make a drawing, then you can use one of the options for tattoos - flash tattoos. These are decals originally made from pure gold, and now from other base metals.

It was conceived so that the appearance of the image does not differ from the real jewelry. To achieve this effect, you need to know how to apply flash-tattoos.

how to apply flash tattoos

The drawing can be applied to the body at home, which makes it very popular. There is no need to go anywhere and especially pay for this service money.

The owner of the future decoration himself decides whereto make a tattoo. He can safely make sure that the selected image will be in harmony with the outfit. How to apply flash-tatto? You can paint a likable drawing yourself or ask your friend, mother, sister. But if you are in doubt, it's better to go to the beauty salon.

Cleanse the skin

To achieve the desired effect, you need to know how to apply the flash-tattoo correctly. Therefore, you first need to learn the basic rules.

how to apply flash tattoos

First of all, we must remember that the skin shouldbe carefully prepared. It must be ensured that there is no cream, lotion or other cosmetic oil remedies in place of the future tattoo. The skin should be absolutely clean and dry. This is the first requirement.


flash tattoo how to apply photo

And how to apply flash-tatu? When the place for the future tattoo is prepared, you can proceed to its application. It is necessary to cut out the application, remove the transparent film from it, attach it to the cleared area of ​​the body. And then we must remember again how to apply the flash-tattoo correctly. To the picture was the correct form, without gaps and lubricated areas, we must be very careful and at the same time as closely as possible to squeeze the application to the body. A napkin or a handkerchief soaked in water will help in this. It is necessary to press for a minute, after that you can admire the results.

When the tattoo is applied, we must also take into account the smallnuances. For forty seconds, the skin is better not to stretch and do not rub. Ideally, you need to give the place of tattooing a 30-minute rest. Then the fixation of the tattoo will increase, which will please its owner within a week. Even before drawing the drawing from this place, it is necessary to remove the hairs - so it will look more aesthetic. Do not forget that the brightness of the pattern will appear within an hour. And we must remember about sunburn, which may not be after removing the picture. Perhaps, still need to know that from the flash-tattoo can be affected by the delicate skin of the eyes, so it is not worthwhile to put a picture on this place.

how to apply flash tattoos

An interesting variant of the application

Further it is necessary to remember that such tattoos do notsuitable for everyday use. The use of such labels is most likely a means of creating an image for some solemn event. How to apply flash-tat in this case? Very simple. It is necessary, for example, to put several chains-tattoo on the neck and add to them one real chain with a large pendant. The effect will be stunning. Due to the optical shine of the metal flash tattoo, this decoration will look very solemn.

To the beach

In addition to the ceremonial events, you can demonstrate these decorations on the beach. Gold images on a beautiful tanned body and gold of beach sand is a successful combination.


We figured out what a flash tattoo is like to put. The photos in the article will help you. If you pick up the image and apply it correctly, then the surrounding people will definitely pay attention to you.

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