"Oriflame" or "Avon" - what is better for earning and quality of cosmetics?


In the modern world, almost every person isor otherwise cares about the health of his skin, and almost all women also use decorative cosmetics. Therefore, the question often arises - which brand to choose? There are dozens of different names that are similar in descriptions and properties, but you do not need to make a choice anyway. If you live in Russia, then often the choice is reduced to two firms, which are the largest suppliers of cosmetics, both decorative and for skin care. This is Oriflame and Avon. Moreover, they not only supply products, but also invite everyone who does not have any education or experience to work in their structure. In this article, we will talk about the choice: "Oriflame" or "Avon" - which is better? And it will be touched upon as an aspect of the product, that is, what manufacturer better to purchase cosmetics, and the question of possible employment - which company is better to go to, where you have more prospects, where you pay more, and so on. When you read this article, you can make a choice specifically for yourself, which suits you better, "Oriflame" or "Avon." What's better? This question is a bit more complicated, because all people are different, so one person may like one cream, and another - one. So with the work - someone wants to spend all their free time selling cosmetics, while someone is looking for just a part-time job that will bring a little pocket money. So this article will give only basic information and basic comparisons of the two manufacturers.

What it is?

oriflame or eivon which is better

So, it's time to compare the two majormanufacturers of cosmetics - "Oriflame" or "Avon". What's better? It is not easy to answer this question, therefore it is necessary to approach it gradually. Why do you need to compare these two manufacturers? The matter is that they are the largest companies in the territory of Russia, engaged in sales of cosmetics, which use the model "from person to person." This means that the distribution of products is not dealt with by sellers at retail outlets (such, of course, there are also, but the emphasis is not on them), but through regular customers. Everyone can become a consultant and distribute the products of the selected company, getting for this not only a percentage of the profit, but also a variety of discounts. As for the cosmetics themselves, it is also very popular on the territory of Russia - of course, it does not belong to the luxury class, it does not cost much money, so it is aimed at the bulk of average buyers who are happy to use both the means themselves and a chance to earn money by doing what they like to do. Now that you understand roughly what companies are like, "Oriflame" or "Avon", "what's better" is the question that remains in your mind. And this article will help you decide and make a choice.

Basic facts

what makeup is better oriflame or eivon

You want to find out which makeup is better -Oriflame or Avon? In this case, you should better get acquainted with both companies. It starts with the fact that Avon is about twice as old as Oriflame - the company was founded in 1886 in the United States of America, while Oriflame was born only in 1967 in Sweden. Where did these unusual names come from? "Avon" was named in honor of the river of the same name, which flows in England, while "Oriflame" - in honor of the Swedish royal banner, which is called "Oriflamme." As for social activity, here "Avon" is clearly one step ahead. While the largest step in Oriflame was the co-creation of the International Children's Fund, Avon, for its long history, managed to found a lot of funds and organize many different programs. The most famous among them are a charity program against domestic violence and a charity program against breast cancer, within which a large-scale march is conducted every year. It is also worth noting that the company Avon was one of the first to refuse to test their products on animals in 1989. However, this is only a kind of "background", now it is necessary to figure out which makeup is better - "Oriflame" or "Avon"?

Product testing: cream from Oriflame

avon or oriflame better keep the perfume

Many are wondering about what kind of cosmeticsbetter - "Avon", "Oriflame" or "Faberlic"? In this article, we will only talk about the first two names, since "Faberlic" is a little less popular among users, and also because studies, which are often carried out on products intended for skin care, show that the effectiveness of these products is at a lower level. Naturally, it is impossible to describe all the products at once, so for comparison, the cream from one and the other company was chosen. From "Oriflame" the Love Nature cream was considered, and the results showed that the pH level, which is one of the most important parameters determining both the effectiveness and the scope of the cream, was at the level of 5.5, which is almost identical with the pH level in healthy skin. What does this mean? This means that this cream can be used for problem skin, since it normalizes the skin balance. As for moisturizing the skin, which is also one of the most important parameters, this cream did not do its job well. Yes, the product perfectly moisturizes the skin, but after an hour all the moisture evaporates, so it's simply impossible to record this parameter. To pay attention also costs on the maintenance of active and auxiliary substances in a cream - in this case the indicator has made 6.6 percent that is one of the best indicators among popular budgetary cosmetics. For comparison - in the "Faberlic" -crease mentioned above, the content of substances is 5.8 percent. So if you want to find out which makeup is better - Avon, Oriflame or Faberlic - then keep in mind: the second manufacturer showed himself on the best side. But it is impossible to make a choice without considering the second candidate.

Product testing: cream from Avon

what makeup is better than oronflower or faberlic

To carry out exactly the same testing wasThe Hydra Beyond cream solution from Avon was chosen. Now you can directly compare the two products with a look at Prolixir cream from Faberilc as a kind of benchmark to find out what is better - Avon or Oriflame, or Faberlic. So, as in the last paragraph, start with the pH value, which is 6.6 for this cream - it's quite a high level, so you can immediately say that this cream is not suitable for problem skin. Rather, it is better to use it for those who have normal skin, without problems and wrinkles. As for the moistening, here the time from "Avon" shows one of the best results among all budgetary funds. In comparison with Oriflame, the cream also moisturizes the skin well, but its effect lasts several hours, not just one hour. But even here "Oriflame" is not the worst, because "Faberlic" even when applied not moisturizes the skin. If we talk about the content of active and auxiliary substances in the product, then it is 7.8 percent, which is the highest figure among all budget funds-even some luxury products do not have such a high content of substances. And again, if compared with "Faberlic", then the cream of this manufacturer content of substances is lower even than the cream "Oriflame". Well, now you have enough information to determine what is better - "Avon" or "Oriflame" or "Faberlic".


You have received certain information that is alreadywill allow you to make a decision: "Oriflame" or "Avon"? What makeup is better to choose? Based on the results of this study, Avon clearly outperforms Oriflame in almost all respects - the cream of this manufacturer moisturizes the skin much better and retains this moisture longer, and it also has a much higher content of active and auxiliary substances. However, it should be noted that the pH level of these creams is different, respectively, they are suitable for different skin types. Separately, it is worth comparing both products with the cream from Faberlic, which also applies to common budget products. And in this case, both "Avon" and "Oriflame" outperform the third competitor. The last thing to look at is the price for the product. If the cream "Oriflame" you can buy for only three dollars, then the product "Avon" will cost you already five dollars. Accordingly, the ratio of quality / price they have about the same, so you have to make the final choice yourself. But everyone knows that it is much better to use a whole range of cosmetics from one manufacturer right away, as he has thought out all the combinations for a full-fledged care. Therefore, before making a final conclusion about what is better - "Avon" or "Oriflame" (in 2016 almost all went under the auspices of the rivalry between the two producers) - it is worth looking at other products that they produce.

Other products

which is better than an avon or oriflame or a faberlic

When you are trying to determine what is best,"Oriflame" or "Avon", the feedback of other users can help you. On the Internet, you can even find full-fledged comparisons on the quality of certain products. At the same time, users most often respond very well to both one company and the other. It makes no sense to list all the positive reviews, since they generally describe the same thing, confirming the manufacturer's words about high quality, excellent efficiency and other positive features of a product. But what if you look for negative reviews? This may well help you make a choice, because reviews depend on what kind of product you are interested in. If we talk about decorative cosmetics, most people say that it is better for Avon, but there are those who do not agree. More precisely, here it is necessary to say that both companies are coping with their task perfectly. But regarding the means to care for your feet and nails, there are different opinions. The fact is that many people report that the "Avon" similar means are far from ideal. For example, if we talk about nail polish, users write that they dry very long, and often there are problems with applying a second layer, which does not want to lie flat in any way. Also worth noting lipsticks, which are in "Oriflame" are much lower quality than many expect, especially in comparison with the products of "Avon". You can also say a word about shampoos, which, according to some users, are not excellent for any of the firms. However, if there are positive reviews, they will most likely be from Avon. So what to choose - "Oriflame" or "Avon"? What is better in quality? According to this criterion, the products of both companies are approximately the same, but Avon is still closer to luxury than Oriflame, but Oriflame is cheaper.


Separately it is necessary to talk about perfume - they are clearly notbelong to the luxury class, but, due to their low price, are very popular among average users. Therefore, it is worthwhile to figure out which spirits are better to buy - "Avon" or "Oriflame". Better keep the spirits from the "Avon", and in many other indicators, they also outperform the competitors from "Oriflame." A variety of aromas, their competent combination, presence of a train and many other things - at the moment "Avon" goes ahead. However, this does not mean that "Oriflame" is absolutely bad in the matter of spirits - everyone can find something interesting for themselves. Just in "Avon" you have more chances to do it. So it's not right to ask which flavor is better, "Avon" or "Oriflame" - each person can find something suitable for himself from one manufacturer, and from another. But in the issue of quality and diversity of spirits, "Avon" at the moment ahead of "Oriflame."

Work at Avon

Oriflame or eyvon what makeup is best to choose

So, now you have a complete picture ofproducts of both companies, you can compose a general idea about them and on this basis choose the one that interests you the most. But there is one more aspect that does not concern caring for your own skin or decorative cosmetics: it is cooperation with the company for profit. If you want to become a consultant or representative of one of these firms, the last block of this article will help you decide what to choose - "Avon" or "Oriflame." Earnings in both companies, of course, is not stable, so everything will depend only on you. So, first of all you should pay attention to "Avon" - this company can entice you with a quick and free start. You practically do not need to do anything to become a consultant - fill out the questionnaire and you are already accepted. Already with the first order you will be able to receive Avon products with a 30% discount, which will continue to grow. You can use this discount both for your own savings and for earnings. You will have great prospects for career growth - in due course you can even enter into the development program of leaders to become a coordinator. But all this has one minus - this is a rather serious approach. Often people who want to be consultants hope to just earn some money when they have a chance. In the "Avon" the same approach is much more serious - you will need to make constant serious purchases and sell a large amount of goods to rise higher. And any mistakes can deprive you of a hard earned title. So "Avon" is suitable for those who are serious about building their own mini-business. However, the consideration of one firm will not allow you to understand what is best to choose, "Oriflame" or "Avon." What is better to do? To answer this question, it is worth looking at the work in "Oriflame."

Work in "Oriflame"

eivon or oriflame earnings

Do you want to know what is better - Avon or Oriflame? Where it is better to work, in "Avon" or "Oriflame"? One half of the puzzle is ready, now it remains to look at the second. What is the difference between working in "Oriflame"? The fact is that everything is much less rigid here - you can sell as many products as you want - it will only depend on how much you will receive from this. Moreover, here promotion is given much easier, but among other things, it also gives you additional income. If you invite your friends to become consultants, then you will receive a percentage of their sales. You can continue to work to get more money - or leave it as it is and simply receive passive income from those consultants who are under you in the pyramid.

Users are more likely to respond positivelyit is about working in "Oriflame", because there is not much demand from you - you are left to your own devices and you yourself determine what level of income you want to have. So it is quite understandable that people speak about work in "Oriflame" much warmer than about their experience in "Avon". But if you want to go further and climb higher on the career ladder, you will realize that in both companies you will have to withstand serious competition and put a lot of effort to succeed.

Conclusions about the work

Naturally, immediately it is worth saying that in thisThe question depends a lot on what goals you set for yourself. If you want to have a small side earnings and enjoy some advantages in the form of discounts, first trials of new products and so on, then you definitely should choose "Oriflame". You can work as long as you want, and get as much as you deserve. However, if your intentions are more serious, then you should pay attention to "Avon", because there you will have a higher chance to build your career in the full sense of the word. You will be able to take a training course in the "Academy of Beauty and Business" and receive impressive money. But all this will require serious efforts and compliance with rigid frameworks. For example, each consultant gets his own area, in which he must distribute cosmetics, achieving certain standards. If you do not fulfill the norm, you lose progress and get less money.

What is better in terms of work - "Avon" orOriflame? For themselves, it should be determined by everyone, as both companies in career issues are much more different than in the quality of cosmetics. However, you have already received the basic information, and on the basis of it you can already draw any conclusions. Do not rush - analyze what you want from this line of business, what your prospects are and how long you are willing to devote to this work. And the best option is to register in both systems, because it will not cost you anything. You can do it for free - and try both. There are people who are quickly identified with what suits them. And there are those who simultaneously work for Avon and Oriflame. So you can safely experiment, try and check what works best for you. And compare it with product information, since you will have access to the products of the company you will work for.

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