Little tattoos for girls on foot: photos and recommendations


Tattoos are drawings on the human body. They are often used simply as decoration, but every image has its own meaning, often implicit. Girls prefer small tattoos. Of course, there are exceptions. However, more often the first image on the body is miniature. A tattoo can be placed on almost any part of the body.

Where can I put a tattoo girl

Girls, like men, can use the entire area of ​​their body to arrange the pattern chosen as the basis for the tattoo. However, we can distinguish the most popular areas:

  • Area of ​​the ear. The tattoo can be located both behind the auricle and directly on it. A small image looks nice and coquettish here.
  • Arms. On the whole arm area, from the forearm and to the palm of your hand, you can find many good places for applying a small tattoo. Also fingers are actively hammered. It is worth remembering celebrities who often use this area to place small signs: notes, hearts, the sign of infinity.
  • Leg. The entire leg area, from the hip and to the foot, can also be a good option for a representative of the beautiful half. Beautiful little tattoos on the leg for girls are a good decision. You can choose a hip to arrange a larger picture, or you can limit yourself to a small pattern on the ankle.
  • Neck. The area around your neck is a small challenge. There are two options. Either the girl deliberately chooses a short haircut to expose her image, or closes it with her hair from other people's eyes. The latter option is even piquant, since it allows you to play out to the imagination, especially if the value of the tattoo is related to the mystery.
  • Stomach. This area is also associated with sensuality. Therefore, gentle or sexual drawings are applied here. It can not be denuded, so that the image does not interfere with meeting people who are aggressively reacting to tattoos.

What are the advantages of tattooing on the leg

Little tattoos on the leg for girls -a good option. This is due to the fact that, if necessary, the image can be closed with trousers. And if the tattoo is on the thigh, then the skirt will successfully cope with this task. This is relevant for those who work in areas that negatively perceive body painting. Of course, now a light enough attitude towards tattoos, but still employers can insist on the lack of any kind of drawings.

Also a tattoo on the leg for girls, smallor large, looks nice. There really is a lot of room for drawings. You can make a large-scale work, using all the hip, and you can confine yourself to a neat symbol, inscription or other drawing that will occupy no more than five centimeters or even less.

beautiful tattoos for girls on the leg photo

Who chooses small drawings?

Photo of little tattoos on the leg for girlsoften attract attention. What is the reason for this? Probably, large images are inherently more massive, they are often associated with men. At the same time, a small tattoo can look cute or piquant.

And it does not depend on the complexion of the girl. On fragile young ladies, a tattoo with a small flower or symbol looks as gently as on pumped ladies. Tattoo not only can carry a hidden meaning, but also helps create a contrast. So, a girl with large forms can emphasize her tattoo with tenderness and modesty.

Varieties of small tattoos for girls on foot

There is a huge number of tattoos,which a girl can afford. All of them are difficult to classify, because they differ in both sense and style. However, there are the most popular options that can often be found.

  • Flowers and plant compositions. As a basis for tattooing on the foot for the girl, the little flowers fit perfectly. The language of these beautiful plants is so diverse that everyone can find their own version. Ornaments from leaves or grass are also relevant.
  • All sorts of symbols or just patterns. Ornaments, small signs - all this can be beautifully drawn. On the leg, especially in the ankle region, this option looks piquant, but soft.
  • Tattoos in the form of inscriptions. Words, quotes from books - all this is popular both among girls and men. By themselves, the letters do not take up much space, so in compressed, smaller form they look more interesting.
  • Just small drawings. It can be like pictures in the style of biomechanics, so rarely used by girls, and graceful animals. Everything depends on the inner state of the owner of the tattoo.

tattoos for girls on foot small

Tattoo inscriptions. How to choose

What can a tattoo on my leg represent for a girl? Small inscriptions are relevant. First of all, you need to choose words that suit the owner of the image. It can be:

  • Quotes of great men.
  • Lines from the song.
  • Words from a book or movie.
  • Names.
  • Dates.

An example is the date of birth orsame mother's name. Often tattoo-inscriptions are encrypted. So, you can denote an abbreviation of any statement. Often tattoos in the form of an inscription are chosen as a presentation to a loved one. This may be the name of the lover, the date of the meeting with him, the year of the wedding. You can also capture the names and dates of birth of children.

Such a tattoo can be placed on the inside of the thigh, emphasizing intimacy, and on the ankle, so that everyone can see it.

The font for the inscription should also be chosenattentively. Love utterances often perform italics, selecting fonts with smooth transitions, curls. This emphasizes the romantic nature of the girl. The citation can be executed in block letters, emphasizing its seriousness. Here everything depends on the taste of the owner of the tattoo.

 tattoos for girls on foot small photos

Flower country

Little tattoos for a girl on her leg oftenconsist of flowers. This is understandable. It is these beautiful plants that are considered gentle and feminine. However, when choosing, you should familiarize yourself with their characteristics in order to dwell on a suitable option.

Roses are a popular base for tattoos. They can mean brightness and passion. They choose girls open, but proud. Rose often emphasizes pronounced sexuality.

Peonies are somewhat similar to the queen of flowers. However, they fit more romantically tuned natures. Their sexuality is hidden, but the peony is still a proud and unruly flower.

Chamomile often acts as a beautifultattoos on the leg for a girl. Photos of chamomile possess attractive force. These simple flowers can be opened on the new side. This can denote the versatile development of the owner of the tattoo. They are also considered a symbol of purity.

tattoos for girls on foot small inscriptions

Patterns on the leg

What else is chosen as a tattoo for girls? Small patterns on the leg look cute and piquant. They can consist of both smooth lines and geometric shapes.

Also in the composition of the pattern may be present andelements from the floral world. You can find patterns that consist of roses and thorns. This option is chosen by women strong, but prone to aggression. Sometimes such a picture emphasizes the vulnerability of their possessor.

Such a tattoo can be arranged in different ways: how to gird a part of the leg, and stretch over it. Especially beautiful looks spicy pattern on the ankle of a girl. By girding it, the tattoo emphasizes fragility.

tattoos for girls on foot small patterns

Different Characters

To symbols it is possible to carry as generally accepted signs,and more rare. The first group includes the symbolism of the sign of the zodiac. They are small and just fit nicely on the girl's leg. Also here you can note the sign of infinity. It symbolizes eternity, emphasizing the girl's philosophical attitude to the world. Also these signs can be combined with inscriptions. Thus, the sign of infinity, along with the name of the beloved, speaks of eternal feelings.

Celestial or Slavic symbols are less common. They can be used by those who believe in higher powers. So, the Perun sign traditionally had to protect its owner.

tattoos for girls on foot small flowers

Pictures. What's Popular

Describe all the options for small tattoos in the form ofa certain picture is simply impossible. But we can identify the most common. Despite the fact that animal images are often used, especially from the cat family, different styles of execution, sketches, experience and style of the master - all this helps to get a new drawing.

beautiful little tattoos for girls on foot

Also girls like mythology. Mermaids and werewolves, the witches' coven - are all actively used by young ladies. This is also a reference to the defense. Still, often such images are wards for women. But it also emphasizes its complex character.

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