Dove - a tattoo, the value of which is worth knowing


Pigeon - a tattoo that enjoys quite a lot of popularity. Many people, especially girls, want to fill this image with themselves. But what does it mean? It is necessary to understand.

dove tattoo

About Symbolism

Pigeon is a very gentle and, undoubtedly, beautifulcreature. It is not for nothing that this creature is considered a bird of the world. And so the dove is a tattoo, personifying kindness, mercy. If a girl decides to fill such an image on her body, then this will mean sacrificial love. Often still associated with femininity.

It is worth noting that in Russia the image of thisbirds are not so widespread as, say, in the countries of the west. There the Christian religion dominates. Everyone knows that the pigeon in the Slavic religion is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, as well as a sign of good, positive message. And of course, often it is a reflection of the kind and pure soul of a person. In general, the pigeon tattoo is extremely positive, so if you want to do it - do not be afraid of bad interpretation.

Image options

It should be noted that the dove is a tattoo thatcan be depicted in different ways. To date, there are a lot of options, and they are all beautiful and diverse in their own way. So, for example, if this bird is depicted with a twig of olive, which it holds in its beak, it means a new hope for a better and forgiving. But the palm branch is a symbol of victory won by a man over death. In the event that the pigeon-tattoo was executed in white color - it means a saved soul. Two birds - strong love and a happy family. But a flock of pigeons is considered a symbol of all people who believe in the Most High. By the way, often these birds were portrayed from the mouth of holy people, martyrs.

 tattoo dove value

Interesting information

In China, for example, a pigeon tattoo, photos of whichshow us various images made by skilled craftsmen on various parts of the body, means a symbol of fidelity, and also of spring. In rare cases - lust. Also, the pigeon was considered a companion of Astara. And this is the name of the Semitic goddess of love. A little later this image was embodied by the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Also notorious are Adonis and Cupid. By the way, it is interesting that the rumbling of these beautiful birds was often associated with the birth of children and having sex.

In Japan, a dove is considered a symbol of longevity. This bird is revered and respected. Another dove is considered to be the bird of the god of war Hachimana. If the bird is depicted with a sword, then such a tattoo is considered a symbol of the end of the war.

In Jews, these birds are a symbol of purity(only white). It's sad, but pigeons were sacrificed if some rites were performed. Pigeon is a symbol of Israel, so often such tattoos can be found among the inhabitants of this country.

If you refer to the Bible, you can find out that this bird is considered the embodiment of meekness, innocence and artlessness. Even in Hinduism, pigeons are considered as messengers of the God of War.

For sinners, the image of this bird is a symbol of the redemption of sins, for prisoners - the embodiment of freedom, and for a family man - a long life with his second half.

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At last

In each state, as it was already possible to understand,dove is a positive sign and symbol. Therefore, for many people, a tattoo with its image is a kind of amulet. From evil intentions, enemies or ill-wishers, and maybe from bad spirits. Everyone puts their meaning in this or that tattoo, trying to make it unique, unique - and that's normal. And if you noticed an unusual and quite interesting pigeon tattoo with the original "design", then you can be sure that for his media this image means something very special.

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