Hair biolamination: advantages and disadvantages of the method


Hair biollamination, advantages and disadvantageswhich can be of interest to many, is a modern technology for the care of locks, which was developed by specialists from Japan. During this operation, the hairs are covered with a film consisting of natural cellulose. This coating does not lead to blockage, allows breathing.

Biolamination of hair dignity and disadvantages
Sometimes you can find conflicting opinions,concerning the benefits and harm of biolamination. It is worth considering the very nature of the hair to understand where the truth is. Since this solidified component, consisting of proteins, covered with a protective shell and there are no living cells in it, restoration in the usual sense of this concept is simply impossible. The term "treatment" is more correctly attributed to the scalp, and the improvement of the appearance of the hair is possible only by adding a wax, protein, oily or some other film that will fill the previously formed voids and glue the damaged structure.

Biolamination hair price
Hair Biolamination: Advantages and Disadvantages

This procedure is carried out throughapplication of a film consisting of protein components. This coating makes the hair flexible and shiny, protecting from damage and preventing the washing out of dyes. Usually hair biolamination, the advantages and disadvantages of which we are considering, gives a quite definite effect.

The film, which is applied to the surface of the hair,Aligns the damaged structure, gluing the combed ends, which allows to give the curls a shine and smoothness. This effect is noticeable very well if the hair has been over-dried or damaged by aggressive dyes. The extra layer that the film gives makes each hair 10 percent thicker, which makes the volume of all the head of hear more significant.

Now the hair styling becomes lessproblematic, this does not require the use of any additional modeling tools. It is enough to heat the hair with a hairdryer, giving them the desired shape. After the cellulose film has cooled, it will retain this shape for a long time.

Keratin biolamination of hair

Hair biollamination, the price of which isapproximately 1700 rubles and more, allows you to retain color for a long time after staining, as the composition protects the dye from washing away. This procedure can be carried out using color or colorless composition. Application of the first allows to provide a stable hair color for a month or more. Colorless lamination makes hair look much better. This effect also lasts a fairly long time.

Hair biollamination, advantages and disadvantageswhich we are considering, does not lead to burning of hair, and the film is then washed off gradually and very slowly. In wet weather, such hair retains its hairstyle very well, while the scalp breathes, as it should be. The composition used is odorless, it does not lead to allergic reactions

Keratin biolamination of hair is a slightly different procedure, but its result also lasts long enough. This gives the head of hair exceptional shine and attractiveness.

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