Biogel: what is it? Instructions for application and removal


Development of fashion and cosmetics industryentails the continuous emergence of new ways for women to become even more beautiful and perfect. Since the hands are the visiting card of the weaker sex, and each lady seeks that they look perfect, the technologies for the care of the manicure also develop, become more quality and more natural. One of the latest invented ways of treating nails is biogel.

biogel what is it

Which method is better?

Some people think about what to choose:biogel or shellac? These methods have similar properties. They are both absolutely harmless, they let in air, they do not contain toxic substances, the structure of the nail plate is not damaged during application and removal. Both shellac and biogel give nails a magnificent, well-groomed appearance. Both coverings last for two, three weeks, after which it is necessary to do correction. They do not exfoliate, do not fade, have a pleasant shine.

The difference between biogel and shellac is small.When choosing the first option, the nails are additionally healed and strengthened due to the inclusion of protein and vitamins. However, the second method is more resistant to the effects of substances that are contained in household chemicals.

Biogel: what is it and what is it used for?

The material was developed in South Africa, back in 1989, andon the international market came out after nine years - in 1998. Released his company Bio Sculpture Gel. It was created in order to, in addition to building, also have a strengthening effect for the nail plate.

Biogel coating: what is it?It is a plastic gel based on the resin of a tixic tree growing in South Africa, with the addition of protein and various vitamins. The resin makes it possible to form an elastic and at the same time very strong coating. Protein and vitamins nourish the nail plate. The natural composition does not cause harm, but only has a beneficial effect.

This technology performs an aesthetic function,because it is used to build and decorate nails. In addition, biogel protects against brittleness, strengthens and nourishes. The porous structure of the coating gives access to air, which prevents fungal diseases. Their nails grow faster, they become more neat, flexible and strong.

Advantages of the material from natural components

biogel technology

Technology "biogel" has a lot of advantagesbefore other methods of building and healing. First of all, the product is absolutely harmless and safe, since it consists entirely of natural components. Due to the absence of toxic and allergenic substances, as well as an unpleasant odor, it can be used by allergy sufferers, pregnant or lactating women. The procedure for nail extensions in this way does not require large financial and time costs, due to which it is more accessible and profitable.

After nail extensions begin very quicklygrow, do not exfoliate, become elastic and strong. They look well-groomed, even, shiny. Biogel protects the nail plate from mechanical damage and environmental influences. To remove the cover, you do not need to nail the nail, which helps to avoid injury. It is allowed to apply biogel several times in a row, the instruction for use does not forbid it.

The coating itself is colorless, as a coloringOnly natural pigments are used, which are absolutely harmless. The assortment of paints is huge - more than 130 shades. Each lady can choose the most suitable option for her. In addition, the biogel layer is very convenient for acrylic art painting. You can cover your nails and ordinary varnish, but only without the content of acetone.

Types of cover

Biogel - what is it, and how does it happen? There are several types of this coating, which differ in appearance and some properties:

biogel or shellac

  • camouflage - well aligns the surface of the nail plate, makes it smooth, without any roughness;
  • transparent - has a special attractive shine, which gives the nails a well-groomed, neat appearance;
  • colored - it is used for the top covering of the nail as its decoration and decoration;
  • French - has an ultra-white color, is used for modeling nails on tipsy when creating a French manicure.

Biogel application at home

If for the first time you decided to increase and strengthen yournails with the help of a natural, harmless coating, it is worth contacting a manicure salon, where qualified specialists can do everything in the best possible way. However, this procedure is not so difficult and quite feasible at home. How to apply biogel and what you need for this, you can read below in the article.

Materials that will be needed for building up are an ultraviolet lamp and a special set of tools and devices. This kit includes:

  • a file with fine abrasiveness;
  • special brush;
  • primer;
  • biogel;
  • finishing gel;
  • means for removing the sticky layer.

If desired, you can buy colored pigments and various decorations (sequins, crystals, etc.).

how to apply biogel

Step-by-step instructions for applying biogel are as follows:

  1. A normal hygienic manicure is performed. The cuticle and nail plate are treated with an antiseptic.
  2. The surface is polished with a fine abrasive nail file. Actions are carried out easily, neatly, without pressure.
  3. For degreasing, apply the first primer layer and dry in the lamp, according to the instructions. You can repeat it twice.
  4. The biogel is applied and dried with a lamp. If necessary, several layers are applied, but the sticky surface is not removed.
  5. The nails are covered with finish gel and dried by ultraviolet. After that degrease the adhesive layer.

The procedure is very simple and does not require special skills and special training. It takes only 30-60 minutes, and the effect lasts two to three weeks.

Biogel coating removal

Biogel - what is it and how to remove it properly from the nails? With these questions it is better to consult a manicurist. He will perform the procedure quickly, neatly, without harm to the nail plate.

The whole process takes about half an hour. In the special solution put the fingertips in such a way that it covers the nails completely. This agent in its composition has active components that soften the biogel. After that it is very easy to remove, no need to use saws or mills, so that the surface remains unharmed.

biogel instruction

Unlike other types of nail extensions,Biogel not only makes the nails beautiful, but also healthy. This is a great way to strengthen and accelerate the growth of nails, not bringing absolutely no harm.

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