Sprays for the body "Avon": photos and reviews


In the hot season, the skin is so lacking in freshnessand coolness. Replenish the lack of moisture will help special cosmetic products - sprays for the body. Avon offers a wide range of these facilities. Each spray has its own unique aroma, and therefore pick up your "own" will not be difficult.

What are sprays for?

Every girl knows how important it istake care of the body and constantly moisturize the skin. Cosmetic brands offer a lot of money for this purpose. Sprays for the body "Avon" - a good alternative to fatty creams. The main task of the spray is to moisturize the skin and maintain elasticity. In comparison with the cream, it absorbs much more quickly and besides it does not completely leave stains on clothes, because at the heart of such a means water is used.

sprays for the body

In summer, many girls refuseUse of perfume and toilet water in favor of a lighter option - a spray. "Avon" - a well-known German cosmetics company, offering women to choose a suitable light fragrance for themselves. The smell of perfume in comparison with him will seem rich and heavy. The effect of such a cosmetic product will be visible within a few minutes after application.

Features of composition

As part of the spray is usually presentInsignificant amount of alcohol. It is necessary for the dissolution of various extracts and perfumes. Some girls may be embarrassed by this ingredient, because the spray must moisturize and refresh the dermis, and alcohol, as is known, dries the skin. It does not cause such a negative phenomenon lotion spray for the body.

Avon offers a variety of floral and fruit flavors. Depending on the selected odor, the composition of such a product will also differ. Women who use body sprays claim that they have a pleasant unobtrusive smell, which, unfortunately, is weathered a few hours after application.

Choose a spray for the body "Avon"

Vanilla - one of the most popular and favoritearomas in many women. Sweet, spicy and at the same time a gentle smell brings back memories of the hot summer. Spray from the company "Avon" really smells like real vanilla. The smell of ethyl is present only in the first minutes after application. It quickly disappears. According to reviews, the product is ideal for young girls. If you spray the spray on clothes, the fragrance will last a little longer than when applied to the skin.

body spray eivon reviews

The company offers a wide range of body sprays with different flavors:

  • sweet plum and vanilla;
  • violet and lychee;
  • Cherry blossoms;
  • garnet and mango;
  • raspberry and hibiscus;
  • orchid and blueberry;
  • rose and chocolate;
  • lily and gardenia.

Each flavor in its own way is unique and uniquelyworthy of attention. A significant advantage of the product is also economy. A bottle of 100 ml is the majority of women enough for 2-3 months of daily use.

Lotion-spray - what is it?

On some bottles you can read the inscription"Body lotion spray". What is the difference between this remedy and the usual spray? The fact that the first is more suitable for dry skin, while the second product will suit any type of skin. The lotion quickly absorbs and moisturizes the skin. Such a tool beauticians are recommended to use in the summer, when the epidermis becomes weakened and overdried under constant exposure to sunlight.

lotion body lotion

In the form of a spray, use lotion is easy and convenient. Before buying, pay attention to the composition. Without fail, there must be vitamins, glycerin and extracts of useful plants. Such ingredients contain each Avon body lotion.

Customer reviews indicate that this isa very useful product. One popular means is an invigorating spray lotion with green tea and vervain. As part of the manufacturer indicated the presence of vitamins E, C. The product has received many positive recommendations. For women who have dry skin, it has become a real salvation in the summer heat. Many use it in combination with a shower gel and a lotion from the same series.

Body Oil Spray

"Avon" offers women not only to moistenskin, but also to give her an unusual flicker. Such a result can be achieved by applying oil-spray to the dermis. "Gold story" from "Avon" is an oil-spray, which includes a mineral complex and particles of natural gold. Despite the oily foundation, it is quite easy to apply. Traces on clothes and unpleasant sensations after that does not arise.

lotion body spray eivon reviews

According to reviews, an oil-spray for tanned skin is suitable. Golden particles, floating in a vial, provide beautiful flickering, shimmering in the sun's rays.

Reviews this product deserved enoughcontradictory. Some remedies seemed much more effective than lotions in the same form. For daily use, oil spray is not suitable for everyone. If the skin is normal or prone to fat, use the product is often not recommended. Also, the drawbacks can be attributed to the duration of absorption. Apply an oil-spray in a small amount, after which rub the skin. Fully absorbed the drug in only 10-20 minutes.

How to use the body spray?

Refreshing sprays for the body "Avon" is recommendedapply to clean skin. It is advisable to do this immediately after taking a shower. Spray the spray from a distance of at least 20 cm, avoiding hitting the face. Depending on the individual characteristics, the need for repeated application of the agent will depend.

Spray for the body of avon vanilla

All sprays for the body, presented by the brand,carefully take care of the skin and give it freshness, do not cause allergic reactions. Cosmetologists recommend using such a product on hot days, when the epidermis especially needs additional sources of moisturizing. However, do not forget about traditional creams and lotions for the body.

Is it worth it to buy?

All lovers of "delicious" flavors shouldtry the Avon body spray. Reviews such cosmetic products deserve mostly positive. A small bottle can be worn in a purse and make yourself happy with your favorite scent throughout the day. A special benefit will come from the summer heat.

Sprays for the body "Avon" have become a good alternative to spirits and toilet water, which in summer you do not really want to use. Unlike perfume, the spray can refresh and rejuvenate the dermis.

oil spray for the body

The main drawback of the product of women calledfirmness, or rather its absence. It should be remembered that the spray is not a substitute for perfume, so you should not place high hopes on it. During the day, the product can be sprayed onto the skin several times. The company's products are mainly purchased from consultants or through online stores. The cost of sprays is 120-140 rubles.

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