The question of a million: how does shellac differ from gel-varnish?


In the salon of manicure and pedicure in the price-listindicate two different services: covering the nails "Shellac" and coating the nails with gel-varnish. At the price of the procedure is usually very different. Why? What shellac differs from gel-varnish, if, in fact, these are two identical materials? So, there is a difference, after all?

shellac and gel varnish differences
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Let's look at the labels of the two products. Shellac is made by a famous American firm. This is the first gel-lacquer, which appeared on sale. Its cost is very high, which means that the nail coating will always be more expensive for them. Gel-varnishes of other companies are more budget option. Nevertheless, there is also a close competitor from Shellac. This is Gelish. In fact, it's all the same stuff, just made by caring Japanese. Producers guarantee that Gelish can be carried on the nails for almost a month without damaging the manicure. That is, this material lasts longer on the nails than shellac. It differs from the gel-varnish of other firms in the product in question and also in volume. Thus, Shellac is packaged in 7 ml vials, gelisch - 15 ml, other gel varnishes - 12 ml (most often).

Budget firms offer goods of different sizes, as well as color palettes. Let's compare shellac and gel-varnish. They have the following differences:

  • different colors (Gelish has more than a hundred, Shellac has only 49 shades, other firms try to take quantity);
  • method of application;
  • lifetime;
  • shelf life.

than shellac differs from gel varnish
Strangely enough, but it is budget gel-varnisheshave the longest shelf life. Unfortunately, sometimes this affects the quality. According to the reviews of clients of manicure salons, some analogues of famous brands do not fit well on their nails, they quickly split, crumble and even crack for no apparent reason. Not to mention the fact that they hold on less than shellac.

It differs from the gel-varnish of other companiesthe material in question is also that the nail plate is not always required for it. Specialists of CND took care of those who naturally had weak and layered nails. There is a special liquid in the line of preparations for applying shellac. It removes the gloss, fatty film and makes the surface of the nail matte. Then you just need to put the base under shellac. That is, the nails are not subjected to active friction with a saw, which preserves their structure.

And yet, despite these featuressuch materials as shellac and gel-varnish, the difference between them is not too great. When working actively at home, as a result of frequent contact with water and detergents, no material will last long. A maximum of two weeks.

shellac and gel varnish difference
And then the color is already beginning to bother, I want diversity.

Many girls pay special attention to the fact,how one or the other composition is worn. What shellac differs from gel-varnish in this case? Yes, nothing. In composition it is practically the same material. Household chemicals used daily, equally "eats" shine - that from shellac, that from its competitors. Is it worth overpaying for the brand? It should be if the nails are weak, puffy and brittle. The less they are filed on the outer surface, the better. Shellac in the application allows you not to touch the saw blades at all, which means it preserves the natural growth of the nails. Although it is not superfluous to check on yourself several different materials, finding the really best one. Man is individual, and his nails are also. One is ideally suited to shellac, others to helish and other competitors.

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