The concepts of marketing management in e-business


A few decades ago specialistsdeveloping the concept of marketing management for a particular enterprise or organization could not even think about the possibility of using e-commerce to achieve a positive result. To date, the situation has radically changed, that is, the impact of scientific, technological and technological progress could not affect the marketing policy of large enterprises and holdings and small firms. Thus, the concept of e-commerce has become firmly established among economists and managers of all levels. It should be noted that in the electronic version, all possible concepts of marketing management can be used.

The concept of e-commerce

When using the term "electronic commerce"mean one of the options for running an e-business. At the same time, an interesting fact is that some people believe that this type of commercial activity is limited solely to the work of so-called providers providing services for connection and work on the Internet. However, this option is far from a complete definition of the term. In general, e-commerce includes all types of commercial activities in the network, aimed at obtaining a certain profit or preferences in any area.

E-Commerce Technologies

To successfully promote a particular conceptmarketing management in electronic business can be used a whole range of technological methods. The most common and, accordingly, more developed is the technology of the electronic data interchange (EDI). Its essence lies in the encoding of transitions of a sequential type and, in the future, processing them in on-line mode. In addition to e-commerce technologies, one can use the use of e-mail. I am sure that each of the people who use at least sometimes E-mail received letters with various kinds of proposals on doing business or advertising a particular product or services. But this is only part of the iceberg, which includes the concept of e-commerce. The most massive in its scope are two technologies - the Intranet and, accordingly, Extranet. In the first case, it is about the organization of the transfer of information within one particular company or enterprise, in the second - the connection of this organization with the outside world via the Internet.

The marketing concept of e-business marketing

Naturally, active introduction into the everyday life andthe daily life of e-commerce plays a significant role in the intelligent choice for the company's marketing management concept. There are quite a lot of them, but in this case we will consider how the marketing concept can be used in this type of business. First of all, it is necessary to clearly describe the essence of this concept. It should be noted that it, the concept of a quality product or product concept, as it is also called, has its main idea attracting the attention of potential buyers to preferential technical characteristics that are advantageous for the sold goods or services on the market in comparison with competitors. With this option, the manufacturer must fully focus its efforts on improving the quality of products or services. Often, this process is associated with increased costs and, as a consequence of cost. As a result, the selling price may be higher than that of competitors, but it is compensated for by increased quality.

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