Types of advertising and their characteristics


Advertising, as is known from the popular slogan,really is the engine of trade. And this is all explained simply - information about the goods and services must be conveyed to the consumer, otherwise how does he know about it? About its useful and necessary properties you need to tell the consumer, otherwise how does he understand that he can not live without her? So, that advertising is needed and just necessary - it's understandable, we still have to figure out what kinds of advertising exist and their characteristics need to be clarified.

Various advertising agencies or advertising departmentsand marketing at the enterprises take the strengthened measures for advancement of the goods forward, from the manufacturer to the consumer. They test the effectiveness of various types of advertising in order to choose the most suitable option for this or that enterprise and its product.

In promotion all need - producersindustrial goods and all kinds of services, agricultural complexes, and food factories. For each of these objects there are their own methods of promotion, each of them has its own positive or negative sides. It is necessary to consider the most popular types of advertising and their characteristics can help many in determining the necessary methods for compiling a marketing plan.

Before choosing a method of advertising your products or services, you need to determine the goals and objectives. The objectives can be the following:

1. Inform the customer about your company.

2. To form in the eyes of the consumer a certain image of your company.

3. To encourage the consumer to ask for a product or service specifically for your company.

4. Make the customer believe that it is your product that he needs.

5. Forming the image of a reliable partner for wholesale companies, interesting for cooperation.

6. Other purposes.

Types of advertising and their characteristics, on timeconsidered carefully, will enable you to select the most suitable channels for conducting successful advertising moves. If your goals are listed in paragraphs 2,3,10 - you need advertising, which forms a favorable image of your company (image) and / or a specific product. For this purpose, image advertising is designed, which acts more widely than other types and is aimed at the future perception of the company as a whole. Thus, if this producer releases a new product, it will already be positively perceived by the consumer, who for himself has already determined the positive attitude towards the company as a whole.

Good results in image advertising are given by videos ontelevision, outdoor advertising, coverage of the company's work and its success in the press, participation in charity events, exhibitions and so on, that is, the formation of a positive image of the company.

Types of advertising and their characteristics by criteria,can help determine the methods for attracting more customers to your product. This stimulating advertising, it should emphasize the positive qualities of the product in comparison with other similar species. It is unacceptable to negatively speak about competitors, you can only highlight all your positive qualities.

The placement will most effectively show itselfarticles telling about your product, in newspapers and magazines that your potential user reads, and direct mail. Advertising on radio and television will not work badly.

Advertising is not a big deal, thenthere is a social. Carrying out the analysis of social advertising, one can see that more and more mass media are directing their efforts to attract people to the problems of our society. This type of advertising encourages all to fight against the vices in the country. Basically, this is drug addiction, alcoholism, as well as a call for environmental protection, abortion and abandoned children. Social advertising reveals the vices of society and attracts to them the attention of people not indifferent to other people's ills.

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