Strategies for pricing in marketing


In order to develop strategiespricing in marketing needs to take into account consumer demand. One can single out strategies for the level of prices for new goods: "average market prices," "skimming cream," the price of "penetration." According to the degree of price change in marketing, the following strategies stand out: "stable prices", "slumping bidding price", "ponto ponikayuschie price". To distinguish between goods and consumer prices, the following strategy can be singled out: "differentials of prices for interconnected goods", "price discrimination", "price lines". Pricing strategies in marketing are created to determine the principles for the formation of new prices for new things.

"Skimming cream" is essentially a temporary increasecent. Its goal is to maximize profits. The main advantage of this strategy of pricing in marketing is that it allows you to redeem your marketing expenses for a short period of time and to capitalize on capital. The disadvantage of this strategy is that the competitors are attracted by its high price, while not at the same time for this firm to consolidate in this market.

The "penetration pricing" strategy. Its basis is lowering prices for goods. His marketing goal is the capture of the mass market. The advantage of this strategy is the decrease in market attractiveness for competitors, thereby giving the company the preeminent time to consolidate the market. The disadvantage of it is that there is a serious problem of price when saving the size of the stock market of the subsequent increase.

At the heart of the pricing strategy in marketing,which is called "median market prices," lies the issue of new products at the price of medium-sector. The marketing goal is to use the already existing position. The advantage is a calm competitive situation. A shortcoming is the difficult identification of goods.

2. PRICE CHANGE STRATEGIES. After the action of the initial prices in a certain period of time, it becomes necessary to change them, which is caused by a change in the market situation or for other reasons.

The advantage of the strategy of "stable prices" isrelatively high profit., and the drawback is that the firm must constantly have a certain reserve, so that in cases of necessity it can be able to reduce costs, if possible, at the same time try to maintain the existing level of quality.

The meaning of the "sliding falling price"is a gradual decline in prices after the initially selected segment is saturated. His advantage of the strategy is that at the expense of buyers with a relatively low level of income and the consequence of this increasing sales, this firm can achieve a time-based expansion of the sales market.

The marketing goal of the strategy is "growth of penetratingprice "is the use of an already existing provision, in other words the retention of the market share already achieved. The disadvantage of it is the difficulty of raising prices after lowering the level.

3. STRATEGIES OF PRICE DIFFERENTIATION.Several price strategies are differentiated, based on the use of commodity and consumer differentiation as the basis for decision making: Strategies for distinguishing prices for interrelated goods, price discrimination and price lines

The strategy of concentrated marketing.Its essence is to concentrate all resources and marketing efforts of the company on one part of the market. The strategy of concentrated marketing to companies with small resources makes it possible to compete successfully with large companies in already special markets. However, if the company applies this method, it begins to depend heavily on its strong segment, and in the event of adverse events, the company's position may deteriorate sharply.

So we studied the pricing strategies in marketing, the strategy of concentrated marketing, in addition, got acquainted with the concept of "strategy and tactics of marketing."

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