Advertising in the system of marketing communications


Any enterprise that produces anyproduct, needs funds that promote this product from producer to consumer. In order to buy the product, it is necessary to declare it to a wide range of potential buyers. Moreover, it is necessary to state the statement in such a way as to distinguish this product among competing proposals, and to give it attractiveness in the eyes of the consumer. These are the departments of advertising and marketing. In most cases, advertising agencies are also involved, because advertising in the marketing communications system is a rather complicated thing, it requires considerable knowledge in the field of aesthetics, psychology, design, etc.

When planning an advertising campaign, firstIt is necessary to determine what means of communication will be used. To date, they are many and they all have their pros and cons, and each of them can be more or less successful when approaching one or another audience.

Advertising in the system of marketing communicationsuses such means as television, various radio channels, the press, outdoor advertising, souvenirs and advertising polygraphy, and much more. In order to convey advertising messages to a potential consumer, various tools are used. Time is purchased (if it's television or radio advertising) and the place - if it's a press or outdoor advertising. Since all this requires considerable expenses, then the approach should be very careful, so that the invested funds recoup themselves.

Advertising in the system of marketing communicationsuses also such a tool as a direct visit to the client in order to personally convey information to the consumer. This is a fairly effective method and it has its place in the advertising series.

PR (public relations) - another effectivemethod of promotion. It occupies a significant place in the public relations system. Here advertising is hidden, from independent sources and therefore is perceived by the consumer positively.

Such a complicated thing as good advertising in the systemmarketing communications, is, basically, the prerogative of advertising agencies. They have experience and many different tools for promoting goods and services, so during the campaign, marketing managers of the promoted company keep close ties with agencies.

In the promotion of goods to the consumer marketThe recommendations of the goods by consumers to each other are also of great importance. Therefore, it is important that the advertised products are of really good quality, served at the sale with the best service, which leaves good impressions about the product and the company as a whole.

Unfortunately, in the market of goods and services promotionthere are also prohibited methods, these are all kinds of inappropriate advertising, which are used by unscrupulous advertisers. These include information that incorrectly refers to competitors, contains offensive statements about consumers who do not use this product / service, violates generally accepted norms of morality and misleads the consumer. Also here are violations of requirements for the place, time and method of dissemination of information.

In our time, the role ofsocial advertising, as a way to convey to a person the problems of society, to open his eyes to what is happening around. Often, people, locked in a circle of work-home-work, do not see anything around themselves and do not pay attention to events occurring around them. Therefore, social advertising is designed to snatch a person from this circle and force him to look around and join the public life. This is especially true of problems with drug addiction, alcoholism, abortion, abandoned children, people with disabilities, environmental protection and other important and pressing problems of society.

The role of social advertising is overestimated hereand this industry is developing more and more. The main customers of such advertising are the state and commercial and social structures, not indifferent to the problems of mankind.

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