The complex of marketing and its components as an effective method of increasing sales and profits of the company.


The complex of marketing and its components isa set of controlled variable marketing factors that is used by the organization to trigger a response from the target markets. By the response, it is usually meant the manifestation of an increased consumer interest in a particular product, which ensures the growth of the company's profits.
The complex of marketing and its components are an integral part of the enterprise, whose main goal is to increase the revenue side.
There are the following types of marketing mix:
1) The marketing complex (4P) consists of four components: the product, the delivery of the product to consumers, the price and promotion of the goods on the market.

Product - depends on the assessment of cash flows, theirdirection and forecast. A comprehensive approach is to expand the range both within own trading network and in entering new markets.
Price - the most important economic toolcomplex marketing, which directly affects the profitability of the company. Depending on the price strategy, the company may have a policy of low or high, differentiated or uniform, discriminatory or preferential, unstable or stable prices.
The essence of product promotion in the market isin the promotion of the brand of a particular product, increasing its sales and creating an image of a new product. Strategies for the promotion of goods consist in carrying out all kinds of competitions, shares, lotteries, credit incentives, discounts, etc.

The way of sale of the goods can be made by the enterprise, or with the help of trade intermediaries (distributors, sellers, dealers, brokers, various agents, etc.).
The concept of 4P is inherently a marketingthe position at which the seller forms his sales strategy, and the consumer perceives it as an opportunity to gain an advantage and a certain benefit.
2) Currently, to the marketing complex (4P)and its components, additional components are added, allowing to form models such as 6P, 7P and 12P. These components include: packaging, purchase, personnel, clientele, purchase process, environment, profit and public relations.
3) To date, there are trends,according to which to improve the balance of the external and internal marketing environment, the concept of 4C is increasingly used. This complex of marketing and its components consists of the following components: customer needs and needs, information exchange, purchasing costs, convenience. The main priority of this complex is consumer preferences. According to this concept, suppliers, contact audiences and competitors are obligatory factors. However, as practical experience shows, these factors will not be decisive.
Despite specific attempts to increase the number ofcomponents of the marketing complex, in the end, it remains unchanged. But, despite this, at the moment it is relevant to conduct research on the process of interaction between the environment and the marketing mix, marketing tools and resources.
The complex of marketing and its components arean integral part of various marketing concepts. The right choice of the concept of marketing entails a growth in profits. This choice depends on the objectives of the business, as well as, the internal and external environment of the activity environment.

One of the main concepts is the concept oftraditional marketing, the essence of which is to orient the company to the consumer. The application of this concept implies: there are needs that can not satisfy existing goods, the demand in the market is much greater than the offer, the buyer pays the highest price for a product that satisfies his needs. This is the most favorable opportunity for the occupation of a niche market by a company to provide needs and gaining the growth of finance, which is the meaning of any business.

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