Sales policy is an important part of marketing


The main goal of any companyis to obtain the greatest profit possible as much as possible under specific conditions. Only when all the products produced are sold on the most favorable terms, this goal can be considered achieved. The task is not easy, but it is completely solved. To implement it, a special marketing service is created at the enterprises. This structural unit has the following main functions:

  1. Study of a possible market.

  2. Looking for profitable customers.

  3. Proposal and conclusion of supply contracts.

  4. Sales of products.

  5. Delivery of goods to the consumer.

marketing policy
The main one in this list is implementationproduced goods, or, in other words, sales issues. Therefore, the marketing policy is fundamental for the solution of the set tasks. Its development is very important for any organization, be it production, trade or services. Each of them tries to attract close attention to its goods (service) of the greatest number of consumers and sell it with the maximum benefit for its enterprise. The marketing policy reflects the immediate and long-term prospects, assesses them and determines the main ways.

The main task set by the marketing policy is to increase the competitiveness of the goods. This can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Development of activities aimed atmaximum increase in the efficiency of distribution channels. Here we mean the comprehensive study of the need for the goods, the planned distribution of the enterprise's products between the intermediaries and consumers, the direct organization of the channels for the sale of the products produced and the constant control over the functioning of these channels.

  2. Skillful management of the process of movement of the goods themselves. This includes the processes of storage of goods, its loading, transportation and delivery, as well as the control of all these processes.

Do not just make your product considered the best. The marketing policy contains very concrete measures, the implementation of which will achieve the set goal.

marketing policy
The company's marketing policy is being developedspecialists on the basis of research conducted and discussed at meetings. Here, the leaders of each site can express their opinion and make the necessary adjustments to the overall plan of action. Together, the strategy and tactics of solving the set tasks are developed. Specialists work hand in hand with each other, constantly exchanging information. The draft policy of the enterprise for the sale of products is comprehensively considered, supplemented if necessary, documented and approved by management. The main principles of this document are that the actions of all sections and structural divisions of the firm should be focused, coordinated so that the employees act systematically, comprehensively and, if necessary, show flexibility in resolving the issues of revision of the planned positions. Successfully developed marketing policy allows the enterprise to rationally and plannedly conduct the production process, and as a result - to receive the expected profits.

In view of the foregoing, it can be concluded thatmarketing policy plays a crucial role. Indeed, only when the enterprise clearly knows - who, where, when, how and how much the goods are ready to purchase - it can work productively. It is not easy to sell a product. It is necessary to do this as efficiently as possible. To expand the spheres of influence in the field of implementation, additional forces are sometimes attracted in the form of dealers. They are designed to maximize the geography of the goods. The task is simple: the more people are aware of the product, the more likely it is to sell the product with the greatest benefit.

marketing policy in marketing

Each company chooses for itselfthe most suitable way to achieve the goals. Here, the specificity of the goods and the company's capabilities are comprehensively taken into account. All these issues are designed to solve the specialized policy of the enterprise for the sale of manufactured products.

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