How to become a consultant in Oriflame in Russia?


The question of how to become a consultant to "Oriflame"in Russia, there are many residents of the country. Mostly in the female audience. An important advantage of such an activity is the opportunity to work completely independently of the chief on any most convenient schedule.

how to become a consultant oriflame

Why there are willing?

The Swedish company Oriflame exists on the marketnot one decade. Its distinctive feature is a wide range of products: decorative cosmetics, face and body creams, shampoos and shower gels, soap, various accessories, products for men and children. The goods are distinguished by an affordable price and good quality. According to the reviews, almost all those who made purchases in "Oriflame", find something useful for themselves. Many become permanent consumers.

Those who are wondering how to become a consultant for Oriflame, do this for one of the following reasons:

  • the desire to acquire funds for themselves and their environment at a reduced price;
  • need for an additional source of income;
  • the desire to build a career in this company, making it the main source of income.

become a consultant oriflame

How to become a representative?

To earn money, as a representative of the company, you must have a desire, and also to register.

What to do if the mind is full of thought"I want to become a consultant for Oriflame"? In this case, you need to go to the company's website and fill out the online registration form. It requires personal and contact information. Then, depending on the chosen type of activation, a letter will come to the e-mail box or a message to the phone with a confirmation code. It only remains to activate the account, and you can start working in the "Personal Account".

how to become an oriflame consultant in Russia

The only requirement for distributorsis the age of at least 14 years. Those who are younger and do not meet the requirement, but have no other desire but to become a consultant to "Oriflame", can not be upset. It is easy to use a passport of one of the relatives and use its data to complete the online registration form. Although you need to remember that this is illegal.

For work on special conditions and developmentown distribution network, it is necessary to pass the procedure for checking personal data. To do this, go to the section "Orders" in the "Personal account", then to "Manage my documents". Then you need to download the electronic version of the passport and send it for verification. Verification will be carried out within three days.

How to work?

Encouraged by the appeal: "Become a consultant," Oriflame! "- and after registering, you can start building your own business model and earning money. The meaning of the activity is to get acquainted with the products of the company and its subsequent sale. To effectively promote its own products, the company releases bright catalogs every month. In addition, they are always presented in electronic form. The goods are sold at the price indicated in them. The consultant receives a discount, and this difference is his profit.

And also for its representatives the companyoffers a large number of shares, giving the opportunity to purchase products at a discount of up to 80%. And other loyalty programs. But this is only the beginning. To get more income and to secure career growth, you need to start building your own distribution network. To do this, it is necessary to involve those who think for themselves how to become a consultant to Oriflame, or are looking for ways to earn money. The network is another source of income, as it allows you to receive a percentage of sales of its distributors.

I want to become a consultant oriflame

In order not to spend a lot of time searchinginformation on how to motivate and train your team, the company offers a variety of ready-made material, which makes it possible to quickly acquire the required knowledge. In addition, you can find answers to the questions that most newcomers face on a daily basis. Assistance in building a business is an excellent motivator, as it allows you to start earning money faster.

Disadvantages in this work

The company "Oriflame" does not conclude contracts with its representatives, regardless of their position on the career ladder, and therefore, can change the terms of cooperation at any time.

Lack of guaranteed wages andtoo good a start can discourage the desire to continue to cooperate with the company. In addition, something to sell is not always as easy as in theory, so not all of this is given.

Before the beginning of work in "Oriflame" it is difficult to understand,as far as it is interesting and promising. Therefore, if there is a desire, it is worth registering and starting work, you can stop it at any time without any penalties.

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