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Do you agree with the opinion that advertising andmarketing do not stand still and require the use of innovative methods? In modern conditions, it is impossible to minimize the role of advertising specialists, since this area is constantly developing and does not stand still. Skilled professionals have always been valued in any field, but a professional who practices in various areas of work and constantly learns and teaches others is valuable in triple terms.

A vivid example of a man who "made himself" and is considered a strategist in the field of new media, advertising, sales and marketing communications - Ilya Balakhnin.

Ilya Balakhnin


Ilya Alexandrovich was born in 1987, in Moscow. In 2009 he graduated with honors from the Faculty of Political Science of Moscow State University. Lomonosov Moscow State University. Later, with distinction, he underwent further training at the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship and the State University of Management. But he did not manage to work in the specialty, although Ilya Balakhnin always has great respect for his education.

The beginning of the way

After graduation Ilya Balakhnin beganwork in an advertising agency that provided SMM-marketing (Social Media Marketing) services. It was then engaged in a new type of activity - promotion in social networks. Balakhnin quickly became an ace in the new sphere, and since, in his opinion, the agency was not working correctly, he quickly left it.

paper planes

Own business

Balakhnin opens his own business -consulting agency Paper Planes, offering a wide range of services, such as: SMM marketing, branding and engaging a target audience, developing logos and corporate identity, and developing educational events. At the moment the organization is the best marketing agency in Moscow according to RAAR version. The company has more than 400 successful cases, which create its glory.

илья балахнин reviews

Self Estimating

Managing Partner and CEO IlyaBalakhnin about the work of the agency speaks only in excellent degrees. He describes his company as follows: "We are a key consulting company in Russia". This loud statement, he confirms the large number of customers working with consumer markets. Evaluating his work, Ilya Balakhnin speaks very respectfully about his clients, calling them with a capital letter. Perhaps this is one of the main secrets of the success of the agency. The client is above all.

Speaking about my work experience, Ilya Balakhninexpresses the opinion that four years ago Paper Planes set a simple task: to grow by revenue at least per ruble per year. The year 2014 was very successful for the whole market, and it grew, as a leap, by 36%. Later, the company experienced a recession due to the crisis, was afraid of curtailing the economy. The first half of the year confirmed fears - a drop of almost 9%. Then launched several new services, including those unique to the market, changed the approach to marketing, restructured several business processes. And as a result, 2015 was closed with a gain of 12%.

The company has changed a lot this year:

- the number of employees increased by 10%;

- salaries increased by 1/3;

- turnover was 7%.

The agency introduced a new training systememployees, continued implementation of Lean. Implemented more than 100 projects in 28 markets. The regional expansion has begun. Ilya is proud of every employee, assuring him that only professionals work for him.

Ilya Balakhnin's books


In 2010, Ilya, with the support of IABC / Russia,educational innovative project - Idealogy school. The project is primarily a way of thinking, it is a factory of new ideas. Ilya Balakhnin is the rector of Idealogy New Media Superhero Squat, Russia's first university of the future. The first in Russia school of strategic communications in Social Media presents the training course of additional education "Strategic communications in new media." Work experience at the school became for Balakhnin a start in a new profession - a coach.

New Media

Particular preference is given to leading practices of socialmedia Ilya Balakhnin gives such a marketing tool as New Media. Speaking about new media, he notes that today there is no need for information, but it is necessary to strive for the involvement of consumers in communication with the seller. This leads to the de-distortion of communication flows, a person today receives information from everywhere, and therefore he has a rigid information filter, in this connection, it is necessary to attach special importance to the establishment of a trustworthy horizontal relationship with the buyer.

In one of his interviews Ilya Alexandrovich shared histhe main indicators of the success of advertising campaigns in social networks. The main metric Ilya Balakhnin called involvement, he notes the fact that today there is a withdrawal from the involved audience in favor of its quality. When using entertainment materials and simple content techniques, any brand can increase the amount of audience involvement.

Ilya Balakhnin Biography

Balakhnin today

Over the past 8 years Ilya has been positioninghimself as a leading specialist and strategist in the field of new media and marketing communications. He has hundreds of cases, a lot of loyal customers and cooperation with large companies both at the Russian and international levels. Within the framework of his Paper Planes agency and as an independent consultant, Ilya was able to collaborate with such large companies as Skolkovo, Russian Standard Bank, Microsoft, leading mobile operators in Russia, international corporations such as Coca-Cola, banks, and large businesses and even entire states. Among the successful orders, his agency has unique projects to promote in the Internet environment of states, the experience of conducting communication campaigns to prevent raider seizures.

Ilya Balakhnin about the work of the agency

Trainings and master classes

Ilya Balakhnin, whose biography is closely connected withmarketing, with pleasure I am ready to share my experience and knowledge with beginning specialists. He is the author of trainings and master classes. One of the last of its master classes is called "How to benefit from social media", it is aimed at teaching how to correctly use and benefit from SMM of those who do not yet know how.

As speaker Balakhnin actively works onscientific and practical conferences and seminars, he manifests himself in the activities of a number of trade unions and associations. Balakhnin often acts as an expert and consultant for representatives of businesses of various levels. His lectures collect a lot of students in many leading universities of the country. his participation makes prestigious many conferences devoted to sales and promotion.


Ilya Balakhnin, whose books are now included in theTOP of the best-selling publications on marketing, at a certain stage realized that he already has something to say to people. In 2011, the "pioneer of Russian new media," as he is often called, began writing a book in which he set out to share his rich experience in mastering new media spaces, which he received in the course of repeated communication with the world's big businessmen, in the course of solving complex marketing tasks. In addition to the "title" Ilya for significant zaslegs called "New Media guru."

In 2012, the publishing house Ideabooks Publishingpublished a book by Ilya "The Horizontal World: Economics, Innovations, New Media". This book is based on the experience of building a successful innovative business, consulting, and a huge consulting work. In the book of Ilya Balakhnin, reviews of the work of which leave the largest businessmen of Russia, tries to convey to the reader the idea that a new information era has come, in which the old methods do not work. Therefore, you need to constantly learn and implement innovative methods, using the resources of new media. The book received a large number of positive reviews and will be useful to workers in the field of marketing and advertising. Also Balakhnin is the author of a number of articles on issues of innovative communications, information policy, business and leadership.

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