How to write an advertisement for an apartment: sample


How to write an advertisement for an apartment? Perhaps, this question interests many realtors, and also simply private persons who want to get rid of the real estate. A competent ad attracts customers and buyers. And it is thanks to this feature that you can quickly solve the issue of buying and selling property. Especially because the written correctly and beautifully the advertisement causes trust. Especially when it comes to online publishing. Here, and without that, there is a variety of deception. And to run across "fake" offers of sale of apartments not so it would be desirable. We have to constantly think about whether we are deceitful or not. And to reflect on how it is worth making an offer for the sale of property, which will arouse the interest and trust of customers. So how nice to write an ad for an apartment? What will help in this case?

how to write an advertisement for an apartment


The first thing you have to do is to describe the apartment. And the information should reflect reality as much as possible. Your task is to motivate people with your proposal.

By the description it is customary to understandinterior, condition and furnishings that will be in the apartment. The more detailed and qualitative you compose this item, the better. You can not lie - otherwise the lie will soon open. As a result, citizens will consider you a fraud. And it's good if they simply refuse to purchase housing. Most often, an untruthful description leads to the fact that you are entered into the "black list" of sellers. And more even the most correct ad will not inspire confidence.


What's next? The next point is the address. How to write an advertisement for an apartment? A sample of the correct variant necessarily includes a detailed description of the location of the dwelling.

That is, you have to write an area in whichlocated apartment, as well as the exact address: street, house, apartment. The last point can not be specified, but the presence of it will still push the buyers to trust. Do not forget to write also the city where the sale takes place.

In principle, nothing difficult in this. Usually, both the seller and the realtor fully know the address by which the property is sold. As practice shows, buyers do not really trust the offers, in which there is only a description of real estate, without an exact address. It's like buying a cat in a bag. Maybe the district itself does not fit, but the person will go to watch the offer.

how to write an advertisement for an apartment for sale sample


How to write an advertisement for an apartment? The next point to pay attention to is the characteristics of housing. Or rather, the house in which this or that apartment is located.

When buying a house, many people pay attention toyear of construction of the house, and on its storeys. Moreover, someone prefers apartments higher, and some - lower. That is, all this will necessarily have to be indicated. Otherwise, you will be tortured by questions. This is at best. In the worst - no one will pay attention to your offer.

Remember, the more complete information you havegive, the better. After all, this indicator will play a huge role for buyers. It would be desirable already from the announcement to learn as much as possible the full information on habitation to know precisely, it approaches you or not. These kinds of proposals are credible. Especially if they were placed on virtual sites.


What else is worth paying attention to? Need to write a beautiful ad? The sale of the apartment is preceded by a study of the detailed description of the dwelling. And it should be fully provided by the seller. The more complete information he writes, the better.

Strictly speaking, for many a huge roleplays the so-called "environment". This includes both neighbors and infrastructure. Try to describe all this in as much detail as possible. Do not rant, but the common features should not be too lazy to publish in your ad. In any case, this method will only attract attention.

write a beautiful apartment for sale

If with neighbors, yard and infrastructurethe situation is not very good, it is advisable to warn about it at once. Otherwise, you will be accused of hiding important information. Take into account this fact. Try not to lie, not to embellish, but to give only real information about housing.

Housing problem

How can I correctly write an advertisement? The sale of the apartment, as we have said, is preceded by a preliminary study of the proposal. And your task is to interest the buyer. But do not lie to him and do not tell false information. Lies sooner or later, sooner or later, will open. Then we'll have to find an excuse for ourselves. This is an extra negative point, which should be avoided.

Remember - a good ad offers detaileddescription of the subject of sale. And you have to specify all the information that you have. In particular, with respect to the basic characteristics of housing. This includes: the size of rooms, the total residential / non-residential area, the presence / absence of a balcony (loggia), a description of the bathroom. The availability of this information will only attract attention. But the absence of this, on the contrary, will scare off the buyer. After all, he will not be sure which offer to sign. The main thing - do not lie about the footage. You can at any time ask for an apartment plan. On it, all information will be reflected in real terms.

About the owners

How to write the text of the announcement of the sale of apartments? What features should I pay attention to? The fact is that the issue of the number of owners worries many. And in general, how much is in personal possession the real estate in question.

how to write a beautiful flat for sale

That is, information about this you must publishdirectly in his sentence. Usually it is written after a detailed description of the housing. As a rule, it is desirable to clarify also the question with respect to the propiska - whether there were minor children in the apartment.

Most of all citizens are interested in proposalswithout this feature. And with only one owner. In this case, it is desirable that the property was in the personal possession of the seller for more than 3 years. This will save you extra expenses in the form of tax payments. Therefore always specify:

  • how many owners in the apartment;
  • How long is the property owned;
  • presence of registered minors.


Do you want to write an ad competently? The sale of apartments contributes, as a rule, to the characteristics of the cost. So, it should also be written. Some people do without this item, but it is better not to neglect it. In particular, if it is a question of placing an offer for sale on Internet sites.

Take into account - too inflated price will beto repel. In the same way as understated. If you work on behalf of the agency, it is worth pointing out the cost of housing, taking into account your mark-up for providing the corresponding transaction support services. The main thing, remember about the compliance of all characteristics and the price tag for housing.

By the way, if you do not specify this item, ratherin total, calls from customers will be significantly less. All this is because for many a huge, sometimes decisive role is played by the price category of housing. Deal with real estate is a decent expenditure. I always want to know exactly what to expect in this or that case.

competently write ad for sale apartment


How to write an advertisement for an apartmentbeautiful? Examples of the most successful proposals necessarily include so-called contacts for feedback to the seller. Without them, you just can not make a deal. In any case, no one will be able to contact you in order to make an appointment and assess the state of housing "live".

Contacts are written at the very end of your sentence. Here much depends on who the seller is: the owner or the intermediary (realtor company). In the first case, it is enough to indicate only your personal number. It is also preferable to write a time in which you can call without problems on issues of sale and purchase. E-mail, Skype and other "messengers" to contact the owner are welcome.

If it is a question of accompanying a realtorcompany, in addition to the above items, you should specify more contacts to contact the relevant company. So you definitely will not miss a single call. Moreover, potential buyers will know exactly how the transaction will occur (with or without accompaniment). It is very important. Some prefer to apply only to offers from private traders, and someone, on the contrary, more trusts only real estate agencies. This is a personal choice of everyone. But the more real contacts for feedback you write, the better.


How to write an advertisement for an apartment? Honestly, some words, as a rule, are not enough for buyers to contact you. And even more so to quickly carry out the transaction of purchase and sale of real estate.

write a good apartment for sale

What else is needed? As practice shows, a huge role for the announcement is the presence of photographs with the object of sale. Pictures should be quality and detailed. It is desirable to fix everything that you described: each room, non-residential premises, bathroom, kitchen, hallway, as well as an entrance, a view from the yard, a balcony (if any), a courtyard. If additionally (this is not necessary, an extremely rare phenomenon), attach photos of the area, it will be just wonderful.

The main thing is that the images are new, fresh andreflected the reality. Then, buyers can immediately evaluate how much the price corresponds to the quality of the offer. If everything matches, then you will definitely be called. Especially when there is a detailed description of housing.

By the way, if possible, attach tophotographs of a plan of an apartment with a detailed metric and location of premises. A very interesting technique that is used by many. Now it's clear how you can write a good ad. The sale of the apartment all the above-described techniques will only contribute.

A good example

And now it is worth paying attention to the specificexample of a successful announcement. In fact, it is not so difficult to translate the idea into reality. The main thing is to have detailed information about housing. And to publish it in the correct form is not so difficult.

how to write the text of the announcement of the sale of apartments

How to write an advertisement for an apartment? Example of a successful bid:

"For sale 4-room apartment in the cityKaliningrad to the address: Telmana Street, Building 11, Building B, apartment 3. German building, 1946 built, brick. There is a basement and a garage in the territory, the land is 7 acres (in the property). The total living area of ​​the apartment is 50 meters, non-residential - 20. Rooms: 11, 9, 20, 10 meters. Kitchen - 10 meters, built-in panels. Bathroom - 6 meters, combined, in the tile. Central heating, meters for all installed. Does not require repair. The glazed loggia, 6 meters, is made on a turn-key basis, suitable for expansion of the room. Developed infrastructure: near a kindergarten, 2 schools, a park, a parking lot, a shopping center, supermarkets. 10 minutes walk to the center. The neighbors are quiet, adequate: a married couple with a child and a young family without children. One owner. The apartment is in the ownership of more than 3 years, direct sale. Estimated cost of 8,000,000 rubles, possible bargaining. Call daily from 9:00 to 20:00, ask Alexander: XXXXXXX (where XXXXXXX is the subscriber's number).

Summing up

As you can see, this offer will attract buyers. It will be enough to attach photographs of housing - and you can put the property on public display. From now on it is clear how to write an announcement about the sale of an apartment. If you follow the above rules, you can easily attract attention to yourself.

Try not to use short templatephrases without specifics. For example, "developed infrastructure." If you write this, be sure to indicate exactly what is near the dwelling. Remember: the exact ad template does not exist. Only some tips, rules and recommendations. By observing them, you will quickly carry out the transaction.

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