"Express Career" with "Oriflame": feedback from people and the essence of the project


Probably, today almost everyone is activeInternet user, mostly social networks, heard about such a proposal as "Express Career" with "Oriflame". The feedback from people on the web is mixed. Someone ignores such proposals, believing that it is impossible to earn easy money without special efforts. Others try to realize their abilities and accept offers. What is actually a business project "Express Career" with "Oriflame", how much you can earn and what feedback about it is left by real users?

express career with oriflame reviews of people

Description of the project

What is the essence of the project "Express Career"(Oriflame)? Many users only the name of the Swedish company is already associated with the sale of cosmetics. A few years ago, consultants of the company "Oriflame" became millions of residents of our country, today the number of operating distributors has significantly decreased, since the products ceased to be so in demand. Everyone knows that the resale of cosmetics and other products of the company to make big money is almost impossible, and if there is such a chance, you will have to spend a lot of time and energy. The difference between the business project "Express Career" and "Oriflame" is that the employee does not sell and does not invest money in it. This, of course, is already encouraging potential employees.

So, the most interesting is that the essence of the project"Express Career" ("Oriflame") is that a beginner should not make cosmetics and other products of the company sell, but buy. As described on many sites on this topic, a beginner must register on the project site and start using the funds under the brand "Oriflame", while he is given a discount for the purchase of 18% or more. The second action is the search for the same newcomers to register them under their own name, that is, to take them to the team. They will become active buyers of products and their task is to find a newcomer.

Thus, branches fromusers of products and search engines beginners. Those users who managed to build two branches receive a stable income of $ 1,000 per month and may no longer work, as indicated in the description of the project, and at the same time this amount is a minimum, especially hardworking earn many times more.

This is the Internet project "Express Career" withOriflame. Reviews about it should be extremely positive, because it's not work, but a real dream. Work for 2 hours a day and send invitations to other users. But in practice, everything looks different, and negative feedback takes place, but more on this later. There are a few more questions to be answered.

The financial side of the question, or where the money comes from

Certainly many are interested, due to whatthe Internet project "Express Career" with "Oriflame" pays for the work of its employees. In fact, everything is quite simple. Money is taken from the sale of goods by the company, which the employees themselves acquire. That is, a percentage of the company's profits can only get that consultant who attracted new employees into the business, and they in turn buy the company's products.

Speaking of the available language, the company "Oriflame"shares his advisors with the profit from the sale of his goods. Salary depends entirely on the number of employees in the group and the amount of their purchases. The minimum income of the consultant will be 3%, and the maximum - 22% for three weeks, it is with a periodicity of 21 days that new catalogs are issued.

In general, the task of a company employee is to promoteproducts, and work is also connected with sales, albeit indirectly. Actually, this is the essence of the project "Express Career" ("Oriflame"). The photo of the organizer of this idea is presented below: Anna Cherna, independent director of the company.

essence of the project express career oriflame

How to work in "Oriflame"

Here everything is quite simple: to start cooperation, it is enough to go through a simple registration procedure, all its nuances can be found on the company's website. For new users, the company offers a discount on all products of 18%. Within a certain period, a new employee must make an order from the catalog. The next step is to attract new employees and convince them to first register, then make an order from the catalog.

It would seem that it can be simpler thanInternet project "Express Career" with "Oriflame". Reviews about the company's products are by no means all positive, cosmetics have long been sold on the Russian market, and not all buyers are satisfied with its quality. But the perspective of earnings is quite attractive, because, in fact, the work does not require effort, all the materials for the work of the company provide employees, and their task is simply to send them. The last, interesting first of all for buyers, a question arises. What is the cost of production, if from its sale you can get a huge profit?

Conclusion: to become a representative of the company, you need to register and use the products, while attracting other employees in parallel. The principle of work is the well-known financial pyramid. It should be noted that this form of cooperation with the company "Oriflame" is not much different from the previous one. That is, the task of the consultant remains the same - to motivate people to use the company's products.

You should also think about the quality of theproducts, before taking advantage of the tempting offer of running-in of the Express Carrier with Oriflame. Reviews of people about cosmetics and other products are easy to find, they are simply countless. What do people think about the quality of this product?

express career oriflame reviews

Customer feedback on products under the trademark "Oriflame"

It should be noted immediately that there are a lot of reviews,it is not difficult to guess what is both positive and negative. First, in our country, people have developed a persistent stereotype that network products can not be good by definition, because a huge number of managers and directors "feed" through its implementation. Secondly, the price category of products is average and available to most of our country's inhabitants, while the rest of the world's brands are not affordable for everyone, which also suggests a low quality.

Some users are quite rightnoted that cosmetics mostly justifies its price. I like some money, others do not. But one interesting fact is that almost all buyers buy products at a discount, because either they are registered themselves in the company "Oriflame", or consultants have a close circle of acquaintances.

Only from here it is possible to draw an unambiguous conclusion,that a discount of 18% on products from "Oriflame" today, no one is surprised, and this greatly complicates the search for those wishing to start their careers with this company. And every sane person understands that no manufacturer, not even the best company in the world, will ever manage to win 100% of the market, given the high competition. How real is the "Express Career" "Oriflame"? Reviews help to understand.

express career oriflame positive reviews

Employee feedback

To date, the project involvedquite a large number of women from Russia and CIS countries, and therefore, you can already draw some conclusions about his work. As far as the essence of the project "Express Career" ("Oriflame") is already clear, the responses will help to determine how real money is for a simple woman who is far from marketing and distance sales.

In most of their responses are positive. Employees note that despite all the difficulties they face, they continue to work hard in the hope of reaching the highest position in the financial pyramid, that is, to obtain the status of director. Usually, after the first refusals, the desire to continue such a hard way completely disappears, but here the mentors come to help, they motivate and give hope for a super profit from sales.

Indeed, the main secret of a successful career innetwork marketing - this is a powerful motivation from the "higher leadership". As soon as their ward comes to the idea that you need to quit your job, a successful manager appears and insists on continuing your career, gives you a thousand arguments that everything will turn out, you just need to put a little more effort into it, give real examples of successful people, share the secrets of attracting consultants. And strangely enough, this psychological impact works, though not at all.

Conclusion: there is a chance to earn with the company "Oriflame". "Express Career", employee feedback is evidence of this, it gives an opportunity to earn money, but only for those who are ready to spend a lot of time and energy, who are indifferent to failures and ready to go to the end.

express career oriflame negative reviews

Negative feedback

The negative about the business project is enough. Some users simply admit that the work is absolutely not suitable for them, others throw out a lot of negativity for the whole company. Why do not women like the project "Express Career" ("Oriflame")? Negative reviews are mainly due to the fact that for at least a decade this brand is actively promoted by multimillion-dollar consultants. Their work is associated not with advertising, but with the obsession to sell as much as possible and at the same time receive a relatively modest reward, but all because their managers have "programmed" them.

About products under the trade mark "Oriflame" and aboutThe company itself residents of our country already know everything, and many have long lost interest in it. But enterprising marketers do not stop there, they offer new, more sophisticated ways to promote products and attract as many people as possible to sales. Not an exception is the new project "Express Career" ("Oriflame"). The opinions of people are varied, but in each of them only two basic thoughts slip. The first idea - cosmetics is too well known and at the moment is not relevant among buyers, the second is a phantom hope for easy earnings, which managers and directors promise.

Myth and Reality

The main tool for attracting newemployees - is the mass distribution of messages in social networks. But the message does not disclose the whole truth about what the "Express-career" with "Oriflame" really is. The testimonies of the people testify that the conditions for cooperation are not specified in the mailing list, but only the advantages of the work are given, moreover, in some communications, there is not even a talk about the company itself.

internet project express career with oriflame reviews

Users in their comments write aboutpromise fabulous work on the Internet, which does not need to spend a lot of time and effort, it is profitable and in a short time the employee can provide a stable profit. There is no word that you need to register and buy products, you can find out about this only after you go through the link. Many users regard this move as fraud and fraud.

Is it possible to earn

Here we will not talk about how to become successfulmanager in the project "Express Career" with "Oriflame". The testimonies of people give a clear grasp of the fact that only stubborn and stress-resistant can make money. It is not difficult to guess which answer can be obtained for the mailing, someone frankly can be rude, and this undermines self-confidence.

Only one who really understands what will happento collide, and who it does not frighten, can achieve the result. Of course, you should not hope to become a director and get income without effort.

Understand whether it is for you to work in"Oriflame" "Express Career", real feedback will help, because people share their emotions. But this is not an indicator, because in any job, only hard work will succeed.

Success Stories

Here we will talk about how women succeeded into succeed with the project "Express Career" ("Oriflame"). Positive feedback on the network does not give full information about the achievements of some employees, so it is worthwhile to consider in more detail those situations where a woman was able to overcome difficulties, and how she succeeded.

It's fair to start with a success storythe founder of this project is Anna Cherna. According to her, she, naturally, began her journey in the company "Oriflame" as a consultant several years ago. But unlike many of her other collaborators, she realized that using the Internet can create a dizzying career, and she was not mistaken.

The essence of her idea is not to sell cosmetics,and buy it at a discount for yourself. It should be noted that this scheme worked before the appearance of the project, many women registered with the company in order to purchase products at a discount, with the only difference that at that time there were no mass mailings. Nevertheless, the fact remains, and Anna Cherna is currently the Diamond Director of Oriflame.

oriflame express career

There are many more success stories of women whoearn with the company "Oriflame" in the project "Express Career". Between them, they are very similar - they are mostly young women with young children, they are looking for earnings on the Internet and quite accidentally became consultants to the company. Indeed, many people like the products, and they gladly buy it regularly, but there is a chance to earn more, why not use it.

Many successful consultants have achievedincredible success, and even they did not expect it. Nevertheless, they demonstrated by their example that everything is possible, and work even in network marketing brings a result, if you make an effort.


There is only one way to make a conclusion: far from all work within the project "Express Career" ("Oriflame") is suitable for everyone. Staff feedback confirms that not everything is as simple as the leaders initially promise. Any work is a hard work, but there is no "easy" money.

Should I start my career with Oriflame,to be solved independently. If you like products, then why not try yourself as a consultant or just not buy cosmetics and personal care products for yourself? And according to the organizers, the project can be abandoned at any time and nothing to lose.

If there are serious intentions regarding a career,you need to take into account that you will have to act decisively. Many successful people achieve success only in the case when they do their work not like everyone else, but an order of magnitude better than others. New, fresh and bold ideas not only contribute to earnings and personal growth, but also affect the entire structure as a whole. Perhaps, it is to you in the head will come the original thought about the promotion of the company's products.

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