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A special offer is an action of directmarketing, in which the seller of the product appeals to the buyer and focuses attention both on the main benefits of the acquisition, and on some additional opportunities. In fact, there are dozens of special offer methods in marketing. On some of them we will stop in our publication.

special offer

Special offer for cars includesyourself some kind of bonus or present. Quite often it is insurance on special conditions or participation in lotteries with significant gifts (depending on the brand and the cost of the vehicle itself). Almost always on the market there are cars that you can buy at a certain price, but only at a certain time, as well as cars that are offered as part of the test use.

With the development of Internet trading in almostevery large store of this type we meet a special offer of a different kind. For example, very often the first buyer is offered some preferences, benefits, a small amount to buy, if he buys a certain amount of goods. Also, gift certificates with a limited period of validity are distributed, so that the inflow of customers takes place during the time necessary for the seller. There is also such a method as a funded program, the main purpose of which is to reward regular customers for adherence to the brand or store.

special offer for cars

The whole world periodically shots from sales,where the special offer allows the first, for example, hundred buyers to take goods almost free of charge. In pursuit of them, people beat and knock each other off their feet, and traumatic and even lethal outcomes are not uncommon. Needless to say, twenty years ago in the USSR many things looked like a special offer of this kind. Of course, the sales of the deficit did not suit the show, but our grandparents could spend more than one night, marking in the lists and pushing in queues to buy an imported wardrobe or boots.

Special offer in the shops of householdequipment is often represented by installment payment for certain goods, free delivery, specialist's departure for determining the necessary characteristics of the future purchase. Large retail chains offer to take away from the potential buyer the goods of the old model in exchange for a new one with some discount. The situation with really rare products is somewhat different. It is often offered shares like "limited product". Simplify the case can also join the elite club of users.

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In grocery points, you can almost always findgoods that are offered cheaper for bulk sale, as well as a discount of the "step-up" class, which makes it possible, for example, to buy goods at a discount of 5% with a purchase of 1000 rubles, 10% - 2000 rubles, etc.

For those who often purchase air tickets,Special offers for this expensive mode of transport will be at the right time. In addition to traditional benefits - students and pensioners - discount programs can be used if you book tickets ahead of time or catch special promotions that can last literally one day or several hours. In their framework, you can usually get a ticket of an inexpensive class, which must necessarily be used until a certain date. Also, special promotions are held within the new route in order to attract customers or lure them from competing companies.

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