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Since ancient times, sorcerers and magicians, healers andhealers, alchemists and sages claimed that various stones and minerals are endowed with magical properties. And each stone is unique and carries a certain power. All esotericists as one say that black jade is the owner of huge energy that will help its owner to change life for the better, but only if this desire is really sincere. This stone perfectly copes with its mission: it makes a person become what he is destined to be.

black jade

History for ages

Black jade is a stone whose properties weconsider in the article, in the East was valued more than gold. All because people from time immemorial believed that he has magical power. Its name was derived from the Greek word "nephros", which means "kidney". It is easy to guess that it was the healing properties for this organ that he was attributed to initially, since the kidneys were considered the source of vital energy in the human body. Ancient Chinese philosophers argued that jade bears moderation, its firmness is a symbol of justice, brilliance is the source of mercy, and its purity embodies wisdom and honesty.

Black jade, the photo of which you see in the article,was considered not only very valuable, but also a symbol of power on earth. The seal of the emperors of China was made from it, which meant one thing: the power of this man was approved by the gods. The glory of the stone also came to Europe: the famous English queen Victoria did not part with her magnificent scepter of jade, which she received as a gift from the Chinese emperor.

black jade stone properties

Eastern sages believed that black jade(the stone whose properties we are considering) bears the miraculous power of immortality, and sorcerers and magicians used it in their rituals. From it, figures of tigers and dragons were made, designed to remind a person of the strength of the natural elements. In addition, the stone became the first of its kind material for hunting products all over the world. From it, tools were created by the peoples of Central Asia, America, New Zealand and Australia. The strength of the mineral became a byword in the language, which attributed to him the properties of the struggle of mankind for his life.

The legendary stone

Jade is associated with many stories and legends. One of them says that the first confrontation of the Spanish conquistadors with the Aztecs in the territory of modern Mexico and Central America ended with the phrase of the ruler of the Aztecs of Montezuma, who whispered to his loyal subjects: "Glory to the gods, they do not know about nephrite. They will take only gold and silver. " Highly developed Maya and Aztec civilizations valued this stone more than any gold, knowing about its medicinal properties.

Another legend claims that the Buddha's throne onthe heavens are entirely made of jade. That's why today they create collectible statuettes of Buddha from this stone. To this day, a Buddha statue 66 cm high, entirely made of emeralds, is the national shrine of Bangkok and the entire Thai people.

black jade photo

The third legend is connected with the name of the famousthe commander of Alexander the Great, who always wore a magnificent sash adorned with jade, and considered her his talisman in battle. Returning to his homeland after the successful completion of the Indian campaign, the commander stopped the troops on the bank of the Euphrates River. When he decided to swim, the jade pendant fell into the water, and it was not found. Coincidence or not, but after that day, military success left Alexander the Great, which affected his power and future destiny.

Black jade (stone): properties to whom suitable

Astrologers say that this stone does not carrya certain semantic load for a particular sign of the Zodiac. Therefore, it will suit any sign, but it will give special power and significance to people born under the signs of Aquarius, Cancer and Pisces. This is due, more likely, to the fact that this mineral bears humility and peace, in the search for which all the life these signs of the Zodiac are. The rest of the stone is neutral to each person. It's good to have uncertain people with you, especially in times of failure - the magical properties of the stone will help them cope with problems and gain harmony in their own soul.

black jade stone properties

With the help of jade people try to comprehend the meaninglife and find peace of mind. The stone will be an excellent talisman for those who seek their way or are in a difficult situation. He can transform the inner world of man, but only if he is ready for transformation. Nephrite has unprecedented energy, capable of helping those who seek, and find inner peace.

Black jade: medicinal properties of stone

The name itself, derived from the Greek word"Kidneys," speaks of the appointment of a stone as the healer of this organ. However, the effect on the kidneys is not limited to its strength. Many helped to solve the problem is black jade. The healing properties of this stone are endless. Many centuries ago people believed that nephritis can cure any disease. As an amulet, it was worn under clothing, crushed and taken inside, applied to open wounds and diseased parts of the body. Nowadays, a lot of studies have been done that prove the ability of jade to help with diseases of the urinary tract. However, specialists explain this phenomenon not by the magical properties of the stone, but by its high heat capacity. The stone is heated and applied to bruises. In addition, nephritis works great for rheumatism.

black jade healing properties

In non-traditional medicine,jade balls, rods and rollers for body and face massage. They relieve fatigue, promote active blood circulation and restore subcutaneous tissue. Small balls of jade perfectly return the flexibility of the hands to the elderly, and also help after strokes and injuries.

The magic of black jade

Not without reason this mineral was attributed to magicalproperties are still ancient peoples. People believed that the stone black jade not only treats diseases, but also helps to cleanse human energy. Jade talisman will relieve of any ailments and will give vigor to the exhausted human body. The magic of the stone will protect the body from any poisoning and poisons.

Figurines from this mineral help with failuresand serve as a kind of reversal of misfortunes. In the East, there is a belief that newborns should wear jewelery from jade in order to protect their fragile health and protect them from evil spirits. The magical properties of the stone also contribute to the preservation of female youth and beauty. To smooth wrinkles, ancient women used jade plates, after which the skin glowed with energy. No wonder the beautiful woman in the East is still called fragrant jade.

Talisman of luck and power

Even in Ancient Mesopotamia, people believed that blackjade, the photo of which you see in the article, has a huge power and is a symbol of power. Mesopotamians were convinced that the stone protects against such natural disasters as an earthquake and lightning, will help not to become infected in the event of an epidemic of plague, and also will lead a bad eye out of a person. The stone was considered an assistant to a woman in difficult births, and jade amulets protected family well-being in many houses.

black jade reviews

It is believed that black jade, whose propertieswe are considering - a wonderful talisman for scientists and military. The owner of a jade figurine will be successful on his way and will reach the desired goal more easily than others. Scientists will help the stone in their search, and the military will give courage and protect against misfortunes in battle. If a person always and everywhere seeks victory, the jade amulet will help him.


There is a very rare variety of jade,which has an extraterrestrial origin and was called "biansha". Approximately 63 million years ago, a large meteorite fell to Earth in the place where the Chinese province of Shandong is now located. In 2009, active mining and manufacturing of jewelry from the meteorite began. The magic of the cosmos, from where the stone came, did its work - the bianshi became an extremely popular stone and began to be actively used in Chinese medicine. To date, mining is almost stopped, the mineral reserves are depleted. In a few years, the production of products from the rare material of biansha will be completely stopped, and the stone can be purchased only through buying or from collectors and large jewelers.

Cosmic energy of biansha

Black bilberry jade possesses a certain cosmicenergy. When you touch them to the skin, a person feels pleasantly warm. The stone increases the circulation of blood, which explains some of its medicinal properties. Not surprisingly, the stone attracted the attention of the great minds of China, Russia and the United States, becoming the object of all kinds of research.

Clinical tests of the stone showed amazingresults: it has not only a healing effect on the human body, but also a noticeable therapeutic effect, calms the nervous system and helps to cope with stress.

Healing properties of bianshi

During the research, a number of medicinal properties of the meteorite were proved. Among them:

  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • elimination of all kinds of toxins from the body;
  • stimulation of the immune system and prevention of acute respiratory diseases;
  • improving the functions of the musculoskeletal system;
  • positive effect on the lungs in people with respiratory diseases;
  • relaxation of muscle tissue;
  • an obstacle to the growth and development of cancer cells;
  • normalization of the work of the stomach, intestines, kidneys, liver and heart;
  • decreased intracranial pressure;
  • elimination of headaches and help with migraines of various types;
  • improvement of external and internal conditions of cutaneous cuts, nails and hair.

black jade properties

Reviews about black jade

What do black jade say about the stone? Reviews about him in almost all cases are positive.

People acquire it for various reasons andcircumstances. Someone believes in the healing properties of a stone, someone in his magical power, and someone just loves rare and unique things. In any case, there are a lot of positive comments about the stone.

Products from black jade are advised toAcquisition of not only healers and online stores. A woman who complained about the decline of her strength and lack of incentive to wake up in the morning, lost her way, advised me to purchase an ornament from jade, an ordinary knowledgeable psychotherapist. At one of the consultations the woman opened to him that she believed in amulets and amulets, after which he told her about the stone. After several sessions the woman who followed him told her that she found her favorite job, she again began to communicate with her family and wakes up now with a feeling of radiant energy from within.

A man advised a bracelet of black jadethe usual doctor. He himself learned about the stone thanks to his daughter, who gave him a stone and told about his healing properties. The man suffered from urolithiasis. After a month wearing a bracelet, a coincidence or not, but the disease receded.

Elderly people complaining of heart problemsor suffering from arthritis, learn about the stone from their therapists. Jade balls help with motor function, and its positive effect on blood circulation causes heartbeat to return to normal.

In conclusion - Chinese wisdom

In the article we examined black jade - a stone,properties, who is suitable, what magical energy possesses. And finally, I want to tell one of the main Eastern wisdoms: "Do not worry, do not rush: there are still many days in the year." It is as good as this phrase personifies black jade. After all, he gives the soul peace and harmony, helps to find shelter for those who are looking for, and stand on the road to those who lost their way.

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