How to stretch jeans?


All girls know that after buying jeansin a couple of weeks they will stretch out and hang on their hips, looking like a sack. And this is actually so. At its core, jeans is a cotton canvas. The fabric has very high strength due to its ability to stretch in all directions.

Do you know what the trouble is? The fact that today it is impossible to find real jeans on the shelves of shops. Now there are only fakes with the addition of stretch and elastane, and classic jeans have become a rarity. However, modern threads do not have the same high safety factor as cotton. So we get dimensionless jeans that are hard to wear. And if the goods are already bought, then let's understand how to stretch jeans in width and length. It is not worth while adjusting to self-torture. Everything must go quite smoothly, and this is literally a word.

How to stretch jeans in the belt?

The belt is the most uncomfortable part of any trousers,which fit tightly. He usually strongly presses and squeezes. Let's understand how you can stretch the belt on new jeans. You should stock up a centimeter tape, a basin filled with hot water, a board, a hacksaw, and also to invite a man to help. First you need to fill the basin with hot water, and then put jeans in it. They should get very well wet, the better, the better the final result. Now, using a centimeter tape, you need to measure yourself in the place where the belt should be. The result should be written down. Now split it into a calculator exactly in half, of course, you can also divide it in your mind, it's not higher mathematics. The resulting value is the length of the plaque we need, so you need to tell the man that he saws just as much as you need. Now you can take the jeans out of the water. The board is to be inserted along the belt line, and then try to fasten the button and zipper. Pants should dry in this form.

How to stretch jeans in length?

The easiest way to do thisjeans longer - it's sewn on the bottom of something that will decorate them. For example, you can make jeans with an elastic underneath. And you can do it with fringe, ribbon, lace, remnants of contrast or denim fabric, as well as in other ways. It will be both beautiful, and fashionable, and practical. And if such decorating gets boring, it can easily be replaced with another one. And if you do not have the desire to be original, then you need to somehow extend, that is, stretch jeans.

You can do this.You need to measure the right length of the leg, and then measure its actual length. The resulting difference is exactly the one to which you need to extend the pants. Now you should take any flat surface where there is an opportunity to fasten the fabric. Jeans should be soaked, squeezed, and then folded over the seams and laid on the surface. With the help of small studs, it is necessary to pin the belt of trousers. Now straighten the trouser legs, then from their end measure the distance to which you need to extend them. Draw a line, and then pinch the ends of the pants on it. Jeans should remain in this condition until completely dry.

Such methods allow you to stretch any jeans beforerequired size. If it is required to be done in the hips or legs, then it is required to perform similar manipulations, and then fix them in the right places until it dries completely. Best of all, if you have some pre-prepared template, then it will be much easier. Earlier, some were sitting in jeans in a hot bath to stretch them, however, now this method is unacceptable, since the pants are painted with different chemical dyes capable of causing irreparable harm to the skin.

Now you know how to stretch your jeans.

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