Nike Down Jackets: what men are comfortable with


This word is associated in the mind not with a warma blanket or a fat peasant. Down jackets Nike and other well-known sports brands have won the market easily and simply, thanks to a combination of quality and price in balance with the term "fashionable". A man of more and do not advise, unless the movement was free. In clothes of this type, it's not that you play snowballs, you can go to war.

Down Jackets Nike
Therefore down jackets men's Nike fly inonline stores and their real prototypes faster than the same snowballs. Notable advantages: convenience for washing, lightness in wearing and brightness of color, and maybe strict conservatism - these are the main differences of a good product.

How many and whose?

Choosing this jacket, you should immediately installthe maximum bar, below which the price of a good product should not be lowered. All the same, this is the beauty of the natural material - down, and synthetic jackets have long been tired of the lack of air. Nike down jackets of excellent quality are sewn on the daughter enterprises located in Canada or the USA, as a last resort in Taiwan. These jackets manufacturers are not stingy stuffed with aged and dried eiderdown, and it has the optimum properties of thermal insulation when air is passed.

It can not be said that European factoriesstinted on a similar filler, but sports tycoons do not work with Europe. However, the label "made in China" is a fairly common thing, and it is unlikely that it should be associated with marriage. Chinese down jackets are also different. The main thing, to the touch determine whether the lining is uniformly packed, whether the fluff climbs from it.

down jackets for men Nike

Finally, about the cost. For a nice lightweight down jacket Nike with the addition of a waterproof thread and a design solution, we'll prepare to shell out from 300 to 700 dollars. Some models can be easily purchased at more sparing prices, if it's not scary to encounter a low-quality counterfeit.

Features of the "filling"

It is interesting (but it is unlikely that manysimilar), that the original Nike down jackets should have an attached pouch with a sample of filler. Like, do not get a cat in a sack, but a swan! By the way, in addition to the filler, it makes sense to check and other original details - badges and writing the text "Nike". And then there are precedents, when the word managed to write with three errors ...

Men's down jackets Nike

Pay attention to the lining: it should be qualitatively stitched, light and antistatic. Breathable men's down jackets Nike have incisions on the zipper in the underarm area to maximize air circulation. Most often you can unfasten the hood. This is especially useful in conditions of a constant change in the precipitation regime. Weigh the product as a whole should not exceed half a kilogram.

Finally, about more or less popular models. Especially practical is the 800 Fill - a classic black down jacket with a collar-stand. The recognizable horizontal stitch and short length make the demand for this product growing exponentially. The basis of competition, so to speak, within the commodity group, is Choreman and Touchdown. The first model is popular in khaki color, has a removable hood and the same high collar. The second is the original combination of down and feather in a 4: 1 ratio, produced in brighter colors, more often in two colors.

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