Fashion shoes: polka dot shoes


Stylish and unusual shoes in polka dots should bein the arsenal of every fashionista. They not only give the opportunity to create a whole abundance of fashionable bows and emphasize the delicate taste of their owner, but they are very fresh and elegant. With them, any costume will acquire a certain zest.

polka-dot shoes

Short introduction

Pea shoes have replaced the classicmonotone variants. You can wear them almost with any outfit, be it a dress or jeans, thanks to a beautiful and memorable shoes the image will acquire completely new shades.

Shoes in white polka dots

Variety of models

Shoes in polka dots have many models, among which several women can choose for themselves. The most common are:

  • On a narrow heel or hairpin. Good for offices, complete the creation of an elegant image.
  • On a wedge or platform. These are models for parties, nightclubs, bars.
  • On a square heel. They are resistant, so you can wear in everyday life.
  • For the summer models with an open toe or heel are indispensable.
  • Modest boats or models of Mary Jane are suitable for work.
  • Ballet shoes can be used as everyday casual shoes.

Pea shoes - shoes that allow you to create a huge number of images due to the fact that you can combine them with a large number of outfits.

Black shoes with polka dots

Color variations and decor

Classics - black polka dot shoes - the mosta common option. But modern fashion designers offer a wide variety of different color solutions that will suit the taste and fans of a strict style, and young creative people, for whom the appearance is one of the ways of self-expression. There are a huge number of options:

  • Reds in white peas.
  • Blue with white print, heel and platform.
  • Gently peppermint into large white peas.
  • Black with a red print and a bow.

Heel in such shoes can as completelycoincide with the main tone, so be different, often - contrast - colors. Stylishly look dark blue shoes in white polka dots with bright red or orange heels. In some models, the heel by color coincides with the print, creating a special harmony. Among the ornaments the straps, chains, bows are most often used. Very interesting look white shoes in small red peas, decorated with blue straps and decorative anchors. This is an excellent option for a hot summer.

Red shoes in peas

Key Features

Shoes in peas are noticeable, so it is very important to choose a harmonious pair for them, so as not to look ridiculous or, on the contrary, uninteresting. So, in what styles of clothing is this footwear appropriate?

  • Retro.Bright-red shoes in white peas are associated with many retro styles, so the outfit should be appropriate. To avoid overloading the image, you should choose a plain white dress, and use large red beads or a vintage clutch as accessories.
  • Youth. Some models look very modern: on a massive platform or wedge, high heels. It is best to complement them with jeans and a blouse of light tones.
  • Classical. Boats in peas on a small heel are best combined with a black and white combination.

When choosing a "pair" for shoes with a bright print veryit is important to observe moderation, so the best way out is monochrome outfits. So, the output for all occasions is a white or black dress. It is necessary to use accessories very carefully, from bright jewelery should be discarded.

Pea shoes with what to wear

Pea shoes: what to wear

There are many options that allow you to complete a stylish, harmonious image with polka-dot shoes. The most successful of them are presented in the table.

How to combine shoes in peas

Model shoes

With what to wear


With business dresses, suits "white top - dark bottom".

On high heels of bright colors

Wonderful fit for jeans-skinny or short denim shorts paired with a plain t-shirt or blouse.

Mint on a wedge in white peas

Complement the romantic image, so wear them better to a white dress in ruffles and frills.

Reds in white peas

Ideal for both black and white.

It is important to remember that polka-dot shoes are a bright detailimage in itself, therefore, from the dress, blouse or pants with such a print should be discarded. Ugly also looks like a pair of "bag + shoes" with print-peas. It is better to stop the choice on a one-color handbag without unnecessary details.

Classic or extravagant shoes in peas - a great option for all occasions. They will become an authentic decoration of both the daily outfit and the festive evening image.

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