The correct selection of a wedding dress for the groom


If you think that before the wedding, onlyThe bride suffers with searches of a suitable dress, that is strongly mistaken. The wedding costume for the groom is no less important, since it is difficult to choose an option that would match the figure, fashion trends, and also fit the style alongside the bride. In the article we will consider in more detail the technique and rules for selecting such a suit.

Choose a suit for a traditional celebration

Needless to say, if future spouses havethe most important holiday in life according to all traditions and rules, then the outfit should be chosen in the same direction. And what, if not a classic, is the most that neither is traditional? Of the classic models of costumes should be highlighted the following:

  • Tuxedo, which is usually complemented by a bow tie;
  • tailcoat in the company with a vest (for special celebrations);
  • wedding suit for the groom of three parts, which includes, as a rule, a double-breasted or single-breasted jacket.

Choosing a suit, you need to take the leadership is notonly its beauty, but also practicality, after all after wedding it is possible to put on it and on other actions. Also need to pay attention to the length of the trousers - they should end at the mid-heel level. The length of a sleeve in a classic jacket is usually a couple of centimeters shorter than a shirt's collar, and the floors go below the hip line by five to six centimeters.

Models of wedding suits for the groom

Outfit for a non-strict wedding

For a more liberal or thematiccelebrations can not create a very strict bow. In this case, it is worth choosing such a wedding suit for the groom, in which bright details will play. For example, it can be colored lapels. Also there is an opportunity to experiment with matter of different texture and different colors. One of the trendy trends this season are suits, in which the elements vary in color. So, the blue bottom and white top look perfect together and vice versa. Supporters of the neo-classical style, designers offer a "berry" jacket to combine with black pants.

Gray wedding dress

Dressing for a trendy party

Modern youth yearns for new sensations andfashionable trends. Recently, many risk to celebrate the wedding in unusual conditions, for example, abroad. It has long been fashionable retreat wedding on the beach, where there is no place for conservatism. However, in many Russian cities it is possible to "walk" unusually and wear an unusual wedding suit for the groom. St. Petersburg, Moscow and other major cities only welcome such events.

The designers took it all in, and on the catwalks appearedcompletely unseen styles of wedding dresses. So, the pants turned into loose pants, and the jacket remained the same. In addition, as it turned out, the wedding suit for the groom may not have trousers - they were replaced by shorts of free cut in the summer version and jeans - in the demi-season. To them, to fix the image added a fitted jacket. Of course, this style is for extravagant people.

No less eccentric look suits suitors,in which there is no familiar jacket. If the wedding takes place in a hot period, it will be quite relevant to look at the shirt in combination with a bright vest. Individuality will help emphasize the brave braces that adorn wedding suits for the groom. The photos made at the wedding celebrations confirm the fact that modern men are ready for experiments and closely follow the fashion.

Stylish wedding dress

Fashionable colors

Adherents of classical style stylists recommend paying attention to the black or gray color of the bridegroom's wedding costume, since these are the basic tones. This includes dark blue and dark green.

For fans of something new and extraordinary, the following palette is suggested:

  • For weddings in the warm season, whether summer, spring or early autumn, light brown and beige shades will suit;
  • The white color of the costume will attract attention andwill emphasize the magnificent style of the groom, however, you need to be careful and choose the coloring of the fabric in accordance with the color of the wedding dress of the bride, otherwise one of the outfits will seem dirty.
  • wine color and all its shades (now at the peak of the color of Marsala) is a newfangled trend that has dramatically turned out to be popular among men all over the world;
  • light lilac and lilac - a suitable option for a youth wedding in the spring season.

In addition to monoluk, often there is a mixture of different shades in one outfit. So, fashion experts suggest adding white inserts in a black suit to make it not so gloomy.

Fashion Trends in Wedding Suits

How to choose the right color

The shade of the solemn outfit should be chosen,based on taste preferences, wedding format, bridesmaid dresses and, of course, external data of the groom himself. So, bright brunettes are ideal for saturated colors: black, brown, eggplant, emerald. Holders of straw hair should look at light tones. Here a very wide range of shades, among which white, beige, cream, matte, light gray, yellowish, etc. Blue wedding suit for the groom is considered universal - it is suitable for all types, you only need to choose the right shade.

The next step is to match the color of the shirt,which is an integral part of the image. Depending on the shirt and suit, the color of a tie and a handkerchief are chosen. Here, opinions vary: some stylists recommend choosing a tie in tone with a shirt or vest, others - creating contrast and choosing this element of a completely different color. In any case, the overall look must be holistic and beautiful. As for the belt and shoes, they are usually selected in one color, respectively, in accordance with the color scheme of the full parade. But the boutonnier of the groom must "keep up" with the bouquet of the bride. As practice shows, made of live flowers quickly loses its original appearance, so it will be superfluous to stock up another artificial butonniere.

Summer Wedding Suit

We choose matter and texture

This year, world famous couturiers insist that wedding suits for the bride and groom, sewn from one fabric, are obsolete by nature. They advise to look at:

  • Printed outfits (for example, strip, cage, floral pattern);
  • Costumes from combined fabrics (trousers made of smooth fabric, and jacket - from textured);
  • textured materials with 3D-ornaments and drawings;
  • unusual fabrics (for summer celebrations you can take linen or silk, and for winter - velvet or corduroy);
  • color effect "ombre", which from the female fashion has now penetrated into the male.
    Elegant wedding dress for the groom

How to add a zest to a suit

To look appropriate and at the same time fashionable,do not wear too flashy attire. You may not understand the elderly relatives invited to the wedding. However, if the wedding is more youthful by nature, small "fashionable tricks" will not add.

So, let's list the attributes that are fashionable this season:

  • Choose moccasins or lolors instead of the usual shoes of classical shape.
  • Traditional long waistcoat is replaced with a shortened version of the bright colors.
  • A plain tie or butterfly is boldly removed, but instead we select a small scarf with an interesting pattern.

All these raisins must necessarily correspond to the format of the event, venue and overall atmosphere.

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