Nike Shops in Moscow: assortment of goods, addresses


The world famous manufacturer of sportsof goods is the company "Nike". Founded in 1960, the company was able to go through a long and difficult path to success. The trading network of stores covers many countries. Nike stores are opened in Moscow and other Russian cities.

A few words about the brand

To date, the trademark "Nike"is the most valuable among the brands of the sports industry. Its cost is about 10.7 billion dollars. Headquartered in Oregon, USA, in Beaverton. The number of employees of the enterprise exceeded 44 thousand people. In America, Nike products account for 95% of the sales of basketball shoes.

Nike stores in Moscow

Nike in Russia

Nike stores in Moscow appeared in 1993. Since this year, the distributor of the company in Russia was an organization called Delta-Sport. Ten years later, in 2003, the company's management decided to create a subsidiary company OOO Nike. Its goal was to promote the company's products on the Russian market. The organization has successfully coped with the tasks assigned to it up to the present. This is the authorized importer of the company, working in our country.

Production of the company

Nike stores in Moscow offer the entire list of products produced under this brand. The entire range can be divided into several categories.

  • Goods for running that are more suitable for womenand youth. The founder of the company Bill Bauerman at a certain period of his life was a trainer of runners. Therefore, this sport is special for him. The company offers goods to elite athletes, as well as to beginners active runners.

shop sneakers nike moscow

  • Clothing for training allows you to make them moreeffective, regardless of the sport. This category is suitable for both women and men. Goods for women from this category, in turn, are divided into three groups: universal for any sport, for a particular sport and for training in the gym (for dancing, yoga, and so on). Goods for men are also divided into two lines: SPARQ Training and Nike Pro.
  • Goods for playing basketball.
  • Products for playing football.
  • SPORTSWEAR. Products from this category are developed taking into account the rich history and heritage of the company.
  • For extreme sports.

Offers a store of sneakers Nike (Moscow), aboutwhich I want to say separately. The footwear of this trade brand is distinguished by its durability, stylish design, quality. Sneakers "Nike" are universal. They are suitable for any sport and use every day for other needs. Sewing sneakers is made only from quality materials. Due to this, they wear well, sit comfortably on their feet.

Nike Store in Moscow: addresses

Nike stores are open in most areascities. To date, there are more than twenty. You can buy goods of this trademark in most shopping centers and in individual boutiques. Discount centers of this brand are also open.

shop nike in moscow addresses

Nike stores in Moscow are located at the following addresses:

  • IFC Kuntsevo Plaza, Yartsevskaya Street, ow. 19.
  • TC "Metropolis", Leningradskoye Shosse, 16A, p. 4.
  • SEC "European", pl. Kievsky railway station, 2 (near the metro station "Kievskaya").
  • "Yerevan Plaza" shopping center, Bolshaya Tulskaya street, 13.
  • TRC "Atrium", Ground shaft, 33.
  • SEC "Columbus", Warsaw W., ow. 140, the second floor.
  • SEC "Aviapark", Khodynsky bp, 4, the third floor.
  • Shopping Center "Aventura", S. Chertanovo, 1A.
  • TC "Domodedovo", Orekhovy boulevard, 14, p. 13.
  • Shopping center "Mega Teply Stan", 41 km of MKAD.
  • TC "Mega Belaya Dacha", the first Pokrovsky pr-d, 5, Kotelniki.
  • Shopping center "Izmaylovskiy", Pervomaiskaya street, 42.
  • TC "Colored", Color bldg, 15, p. 1, second floor.
  • TC "Okhotny Ryad", Manezhskaya pl., 1, p. 2.
  • Shopping Center "Rio Leninsky", Sheremetyevo Str., 8.

Apparently, a lot of Nike shops are open in Moscow.

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