How to carry new shoes quickly? Simple Tips


Gorgeous high-heeled shoes or cutepuppet ballet shoes - any footwear should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable. How often women forget about it, buying madly liked couple, not paying attention to the size! Upon arrival home it becomes clear that in such narrow shoes it is impossible to pass 10 meters, and you planned to dress a new pair of shoes tomorrow ... Then the question arises as to how to spread new shoes quickly.

Standard methods
how to spread new shoes quickly

If you find that the newly purchasedshoes shake, the main thing - do not give in to panic! This problem can easily be solved with the help of simple enough actions. However, it should be noted that these methods are not suitable for those readers who are eager to learn how to quickly distribute new shoes. Using the procedure described below, the shoes are stretched gradually:

1. You can wear knitted socks and every day arrange a walk in new shoes on the apartment for a couple of hours. After a while you will notice that the shoes became noticeably freer.

2. If such home walks have not produced any noticeable results, you can contact a specialist shoemaker for help. There you will be able to answer the question, how to carry new shoes quickly. In the workshop they usually have a special device designed just for such cases. Leave the shoes to the specialist, and the shoe master will stretch them to the desired size.

How quickly to carry new shoes

3. You can buy a special tool, which is called - "stretcher for shoes." It can be bought at any shoe store, it is usually produced in the form of a spray. It is applied as follows: it is necessary to put a spray on the inside of the shoes, put on shoes and walk around your apartment for a while.

To spread shoes with ... newspapers

Reply to the question of how to carry out newshoes quickly, can and folk methods. There is a way to help stretch shoes with the help of ordinary newspapers. For this, the newspaper should be soaked, torn into small pieces and shoved into shoes. It is necessary to cram as many print publications as possible so that the entire space inside the product is occupied. Then it is necessary to dry the shoes. Please note that completely the shoes will dry only after a couple of days. In no case do not dry the product near the battery, otherwise the procedure will not give any result. Only after the newspapers and shoes are completely dry, you can take out the filler, measure new shoes and happily evaluate the result.

To smash new shoes will help ... alcohol
how to carry shoes from the skin

If you want to know how to take shoes offskin, you should definitely read about the method of wearing a liked pair with the help of alcohol. You just need to wet the shoes inside the vodka (or better - with pure alcohol), put on thick woolen socks and walk around the apartment for a while. The alcohol evaporates quickly, so you will not spend a lot of time on stretching shoes in this way. However, this way how to spread new shoes quickly, is not suitable for shoes made of fabric, suede or artificial leather. If your shoes are made of these materials, instead of alcohol or vodka you need to use beer. After you wet the inside surface of the shoes, you need to put on socks thicker and resemble some time. Instead of alcohol, by the way, you can use ordinary boiling water.

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