Wading boots - necessary equipment for fishing


Swamp boots have long been used onfishing, hunting and in some chores where there is a lot of water and dirt. Until recently, "Bolotniki" produced only 2-3 models, and modern manufacturers offer lovers of fishing a fairly diverse range of these products.


For today on sale it is possible to meetWet boots of various lengths and colors. So, one of the most fashionable trends of recent years are those that have camouflage colors. In production, various kinds of rubber, PVC and other materials are used. Different manufacturers use different technologies for making this footwear.

Unfortunately, rubber marsh boots are notthey have a high wear resistance, so if their shell is damaged, they will most likely have to purchase new ones. The most resistant to external influences are considered to be "bogs" made of natural rubber. They are much softer and more convenient than rubber, but they have a high cost, although their service life is several years (unlike other products, which sometimes serve no more than a season).

In the cold season it is recommended to usewool boots made of neoprene, which has high wearable and heat-insulating properties. Such shoes can serve up to 5 years. Their cost is higher than that of rubber, but less than that of rubber boots.

Marsh Fishermen's Boots

Equipment for fishing from polyvinylchloride (PVC)is the most common. This is due to the fact that this material is much lighter than rubber, and more toe. In addition, it has the following advantage: in case of a puncture, it can be "melted" with a heated nail.

Swamp boots with relatively low bootlegs are more suitable for hunting, agricultural workers and other branches of the economy, where protection from dirt is necessary.

Equipment for fishing

There are also special products reminiscent ofthe appearance is something between a suit with straps and boots. The so-called "fishing gear" is necessary where fishermen have to go deep enough into the water or work with wet gear intended for fishing. It reliably protects its owner from water and cold, therefore it is used practically all-the-year-round.

Boots of swamp fishing almost do not exceedin its weight, ordinary rubber, because the upper part of them is made of light, waterproof materials. Very popular among fishermen are the boots, which have very high bootlegs (up to the perineum). If necessary, they can rise to full height, and when such a height is no longer needed, they simply roll down.

Wet boots protect people from mechanicaldamages, bites of leeches, snakes, mosquitoes and other representatives of the animal world. Even in severe bad weather with the rain, this outfit will help keep your body warm and dry, which is a very important factor, especially if the person is away from home.

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