Engagement ring of titanium: description


New fashion trends occur almost everyseason. Not spared the original trends and the jewelry manufacturing industry. And if previously the newlyweds gave preference to jewelry made of several precious metals, mostly silver and gold, today the choice is often the wedding rings made of titanium.

Properties of titanium

titanium ring
Among all metals, titanium is one of themost solid, resistant to mechanical stress. Being heavy-duty, the material has a lower weight, compared to the same gold and platinum. Titanium does not respond to aggressive chemical stimuli. It is this characteristic that becomes indispensable in the manufacture of precious jewelry masters.

The natural shade of metal is gray-white. However, titanium acts as a so-called "chameleon". In other words, the material tends to change color when processed. For example, due to the metal coating with an oxide film (anodizing), its surface becomes flame-iridescent.

Next, let's look at the qualities of a ring made of titanium, highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of such a solution.


engagement rings made of titanium
Buying engagement rings made of titanium,newlyweds do not have to once again doubt their durability. Due to its high strength, the metal retains its original appearance for decades, regardless of the operating conditions of the finished product. It is because of the high resistance of the metal to external influences, it is used not only for the production of jewelry, but also for prosthetic devices, weapons elements, etc.


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As you know, silver, gold and platinumdecorations tend to change color as they are used. This is especially noticeable if the ring has not been removed from the finger for several years. To all other things, products made from the above materials, leave difficult to remove, dark marks on the skin.

The ring of titanium is inert. The material is not oxidizable and does not enter into chemical reactions. That's why women's and men's rings of titanium retain their original appearance through many years.


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Any, even the simplest ring of titanium,looks no worse than the same platinum products. Some newlyweds give preference to original ornaments of light shade. It is in such cases that male and female titanium rings are one of the best, inexpensive solutions.

Manufacture of titanium wedding rings as inordinary, all-metal version, and with all sorts of decor elements. Therefore, if you want, you can always choose a ring of titanium with a diamond, a product encrusted with other precious stones.

In general, the material can have a glossy or matte texture. Today you can easily find a ring of titanium bright platinum hue, purple, blue and even black.


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How much does an engagement ring of titanium cost? The reviews of the newlyweds show that this option is several times cheaper than buying gold jewelry. The material itself is very inexpensive. The price increase is affected only by the need to process jewelry with expensive equipment. Execution and realization of the individual idea of ​​the future newly married couple forms the bulk of the cost of titanium engagement rings.

To whom do titanium rings fit?

titanium ring with diamond
When choosing jewelry made of titanium, it is worthwhile to focus on the following recommendations of jewelers:

  1. Titanium wedding rings are traditionally a symbol of the strength of marriage ties.
  2. Jewelry with gilded or black dust is the best fit for young people.
  3. Bright, non-standard personalities fall in lovetitanium rings with precious stones. In particular, purposeful, active people often prefer products with bright emeralds, which allow to attract additional attention of others to their own person.
  4. A real source of inspiration are titanium rings inlaid with a moonstone.
  5. The most powerful amulet is jewelry with diamonds. At the same time, girls are not recommended to wear a titanium ring with diamonds. Since it is believed that such a combination condemns women to celibacy.
  6. Massive titanium rings fit real men. The cold shine of the metal in this case makes it possible to emphasize the severity and uncompromising nature.

Ring of titanium: drawbacks

Jewelry made of titanium,have also their obvious disadvantages. Due to the high strength of the metal, it is almost impossible to make changes in the design of such products as they are used. The diameter of titanium rings is difficult to increase, which is often required for enlargement, swelling of the finger. Unlike gold and silver, titanium can not be melted down.

Remove the titanium ring that was worn onfor a long period, is not so simple. Sometimes for this you have to resort to sawing the metal directly on the finger of the owner of the decoration. All this creates some inconvenience in the operation of such jewelry.


So, let's sum up some results. Why, when choosing engagement rings, it is worth giving preference to products made of titanium:

  1. The unique texture, original shade, noble appearance, the highest resistance to wear, durability - all this is typical for a material such as titanium.
  2. Metal is resistant to deformation. Therefore, buyers of jewelry from titanium, in fact, receive a lifetime warranty for its operation.
  3. Wedding rings made from thismaterial, have a high inertia to the effects of external chemical stimuli. This affects the safety of the primary color of the product and the absence of dark fingerprints.
  4. Due to the impeccable quality and original design, such decorations are preferred by non-ordinary personalities, lovers of everything unusual.

In general, the wedding rings of titaniumare the ideal option for newlyweds who follow modern trends in fashion for jewelry. The purchase of such products allows you to simplify the designation of a special relationship to a loved one. Often this option becomes relevant for couples who want to get inexpensive but extremely attractive rings with excellent performance.

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