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When the child starts to take the first steps, gets upthe issue of buying shoes. A large number of brands that have filled the modern market, puts parents in a quandary. After all, I want to buy a quality product at an affordable price. These are the criteria for the Rabbit children's shoes. In addition, it is orthopedic, which will correctly form the foot of a growing baby. And this is of great importance, since it affects the spine and the entire bone system of a person.

Rabbit children's shoes: basic characteristics

rabbit shoes for children

Doctors-orthopedists often recommend this trademark for children, making the first steps. And there is every reason for that.

  • For production, only orthopedic pads are used, taking into account the characteristics of each age group.
  • The heel is securely fixed due to the high rigid back.
  • Correct formation of the inner and outer arch of the foot is ensured by the internal arch support with an insole. Therefore, the flat feet of the baby is not threatened.
  • The optimal heel height is 0.5 cm.
  • Rabbit orthopedic shoes are made only from natural materials.
  • The shoe has a wide enough width, so it does not squeeze the fingers.
  • The inner part is made of a thin natural leather, which allows the leg to breathe.
  • All models have practical fasteners or lacing. This allows you to securely fix your foot. This is especially important for children who are taking their first steps.

At what age is the products of the Rabbit trademark calculated?

children's shoes rabbit orthopedic

Virtually all models start at 17 sizes.And this means that you can buy suitable shoes or sandals for a crumb of 6 months. Shoes for the youngest buyers have a charming design, so the baby will be happy to take their first steps.

The size range ends in size 36.So teenagers will be able to choose a model to their liking. Age of 12-14 years is difficult for both children and their parents. Shopping very often ends in conflicts. The guys try to emphasize their individuality and independence as they grow up. Rabbit children's shoes meet the needs of adolescents. It is fashionable and modern, and the magnificent design will not leave young buyers indifferent.

When to buy the first shoes

reviews about baby shoes rabbit

The first shoes will be needed for the baby when he takes his first steps on the street. At home, provided that you have warm floors, it is recommended to walk barefoot.

Do not buy shoes in advance.You will not be able to guess the size and completeness of the leg. It's best to go shopping when it's necessary. Moreover, now there are no problems with the choice, in many stores sold children's shoes Rabbit. Orthopedic shoe will ensure reliable fixation of the leg in the correct position. So this will be the best option for the baby.

How to choose the right shoes

First you need to decide on the size.Circle the child's leg on the cardboard while standing. This is the size of the insole. During fitting, note that in the area of ​​the toe should be half a centimeter of free space. Also, if your finger is placed between the child's heel and the back of the shoes, this is the right size. The kid will wear such shoes throughout the season, perhaps even two. But do not count on more. The leg grows very quickly, and buying shoes for several years ahead is not only not advisable, but also dangerous. Too large a size can lead to disturbances in the formation of the foot, become the cause of corns, wounds and make the walk shuffling and clumsy.

Pay attention to the shoes kept wellon the stem. Children's shoes Rabbit is equipped with all kinds of fasteners in the form of Velcro, snake or lacing. Babies who go to kindergarten and do not know how to tie shoelaces, it is better to choose a model with Velcro, so they can be trained without help.

Do not wear shoes that you got from the grown up children of friends and acquaintances. With long wear, the shoe can lose its orthopedic qualities, and this will cause flat feet.

orthopedic footwear rabbit

Five Reasons to Buy Rabbit Shoes

  1. Excellent quality. In the production process, all the recommendations of orthopedists and pediatricians are taken into account.
  2. The footwear is orthopedic. It is designed for children of any age without serious abnormalities in the formation of the foot.
  3. Affordable price. The trade mark is designed for the average buyer. Therefore, you do not have to spend a fabulous amount for shoes for one season.
  4. A large assortment. You can choose the right model for boys and girls of any age and for any season.
  5. Reviews.Oh, baby shoes Rabbit! How much it is discussed at the parents' forums. And the bulk of feedback allows you to give preference to this brand. Parents say that it is strong, reliable and useful.

Properly selected shoes will keep the child healthy, and allow him to tirelessly frolic with friends and enjoy the walk. Rabbit is the choice of caring parents.

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