An exquisite taste or a gray dress, with what to wear?


To date, it is gray coloruniversal for any girl, after all its main advantage is an opportunity to emphasize all your forms or on the contrary to hide the shortcomings of your figure, if any. However, in many respects it depends on the style, the cut of the dress and the compatibility of your outfit with other items of the whole set. That is why it is so important to know the answer to the question, a gray dress with which to wear.

Gamma gray color includes a hugethe number of different shades, which in turn play a role in maintaining your style and help you create an unforgettable, unique and incredible image. Nevertheless, many modern women try to avoid gray color, just do not understand why. After all, thanks to its versatility, it can easily be combined, both with calm and neutral tones, and with bright and motley shades. However, not everyone knows how to do it correctly, perhaps, that's why a gray color can only be seen on a woman who really understands fashion and style.

Thus, any lady should not only know,how to choose jewelry for the dress, but what dress will suit her best. So, women with lush forms are best served by a gray-brown color, because it fits perfectly with dark tones, which will help to hide the small flaws in the figure or create the appearance of an "elongated" body, which significantly reduces your weight visually.

Also, the dark gray color can be perfectly combined withneutral shades in the same way as with red, scarlet and even purple flowers. If you have a gray dress, which you unfortunately do not know what to wear, then just put on it pistachio or emerald shoes, diluted with large-sized black jewelry. And then we are not talking about how to choose shoes for the dress, because the main thing is the compatibility of colors, and gray in this regard - the most win-win option, because with it even the yellow color will look chic and exquisite.

Currently, young people givepreference for light gray color, because it is widely used in the latest collections of world famous designers. In addition, this shade is perfectly combined with the pink color, which girls love so much. Going to work, you can wear a simple gray dress, on top of which will be a light pink pullover. That's all! And there are no secrets that a gray dress with which to wear is not such a great problem.

If you prefer a gray or pearlshade of gray, then you are ideally suited for combinations with cold tones, such as blue and silver, which is several tones lighter than the main gray color.

Summing up, a gray dress, what to wear?

The key to solving this problem lies in the answer to theThe question is, what shade is your gray dress. So, for example, smart gray sandals and black shoes with high heels or studs are ideal for dark gray tones. As for accessories, it's best to choose platinum or silver jewelry, which will slightly dilute your kit. The style in which the accessories are made must be combined with your image, emphasizing your individuality, and not burdening you with your "meaning". Therefore simple simple decorations will approach to such a set best.

If your dress is pearly, then with itthe shoes of a golden or silvery color will look harmonious. Accessories should be as simple as possible, without any stones, made of silver or white gold.

Also remember that any gray dress can be "diluted" not only with accessories, but also with a belt or a handbag. And you are irresistible.

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