How to choose a shirt and a tie to suit correctly?


What is the key to a successful business meeting? They say, "The main thing is that the suit is sitting." If you take care of your appearance in advance, you can impress the partners with a serious business man. Therefore it is important to know how to pick up a shirt and a tie to suit. Read more in the article.

Choose a shirt

The first rule of good style is availability inwardrobe at least three shirts for each of the suits. When choosing a shirt, pay special attention to what it is made of. Usually the composition is written on labels. The ideal option is, of course, one hundred percent cotton. Also, take a closer look at the quality of the seams and buttons. How to pick up a shirt so that it fits perfectly to the costume? Try it right away with him. So you can immediately evaluate how the outfit is combined with your appearance.

how to pick up a shirt and tie for a suit

So, what are the rules of good taste? Firstly, the shirt for the costume should not be free or, conversely, too tight-fitting. To determine if it suits you in size, pay attention to the place where the sleeve is sewn. If the seam is clearly on your shoulder, then you can buy a shirt. Also, the collar of the suit should fit well against the collar of the shirt. Ideally, when he opens a white collar half a centimeter. Pay attention to the cuffs. The fact is that they should look out from under the jacket somewhere in a centimeter. Before you pick up a shirt for a suit, pay attention that it does not have pockets. If you are going on a festive evening, it is better to wear a version with double cuffs.

how to choose a shirt

The main mistakes made by those who do not know how to pick up a shirt and

necktie to suit:

- Too short sleeve that does not look out from under the jacket.

- The sleeve cuff is too raised when the arm is bent.

- The shirt sticks out of trousers or forms a lot of ugly folds.

- The end of the collar peeps out from under the lapel.

An important detail is a tie

How to choose a shirt and a tie to suit tothey perfectly combined with each other? First of all, the tie should be in harmony with the rest of the garments. It can be darker than a shirt, but differ in color from a jacket. In the classical version, when a man wears a dark suit and a light shirt, an accessory of almost any color is suitable. But do not forget that it should not be too much in his eyes. If you are looking for a tie for a light suit, then this choice should be more responsible. Here, the accessory should in no case be too stand out. To a bright patterned shirt is suitable only a single-color tie without a pattern.

how to choose a shirt for a suit

In the question of how to pick up a shirt and tieto the costume, you need to pay special attention to the color of the accessory. Bright ties for business meetings should not be worn, because they distract attention, hinder the serious attitude. Meanwhile, as an accessory with a graphic drawing, on the contrary, helps the interlocutor to concentrate more quickly on business issues. Gray, pearl and maroon colors will only emphasize your respect for the partner, and in general you will have a favorable opinion. Well and one more small advice: the picked up clothes should like. Then in it you will feel not only comfortable, but also confident.

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